Exploring New York’s Thriving US-Based Online Portals Startups Scene

January 29, 2024

As the heart of the United States startup scene, New York City is home to an array of innovative companies. In recent years, online portals have become a popular industry for startups, providing a range of services through easily accessible online platforms. This article will highlight several companies founded in or after 2020, showcasing their unique ideas and contributions to their respective industries.

The Online Portal industry relies on internet-based platforms to deliver services and resources. This digital approach offers companies the ability to reach wide audiences and provide innovative solutions to traditional problems. From finance to real estate to media, these New York-based startups span a diverse range of sectors.

All of these companies were born in the era of digital transformation, exploiting the power of internet connectivity to revolutionize traditional industries. Their concepts align with modern demand for online services, driving growth in technology and boosting the U.S. economy in the process. Without further ado, let’s delve into the details of these exceptional startups.


Founded with a focus on fintech, Highbeam is an ecommerce investment platform designed to help businesses grow. Providing information services and business development tools, Highbeam is an example of how online portals can revolutionize traditional industries. You can follow their progress on LinkedIn.

The Swell

The Swell is a digital media company utilizing online portals to provide resources and services to their audience. Founded by Alisa Volkman and Pilar Guzmán, The Swell offers engaging content through an intuitive portal.

Matrix Rental Solutions

Matrix is revolutionizing the rental industry with their all-inclusive rental management software. Providing solutions for tenants, owners, and rental managers all delivered via an online portal, Matrix Rental Solutions showcases the power of digital transformations in traditional markets. Follow their updates on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.


Focused on eBooks and mobile apps, stck.me was founded by Ritesh Mehta and Samir Patil. This creative use of online portals shows the diversity of solutions that can be delivered via internet platforms. Find them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Bunches is a group chat platform designed to help creators connect. Founded in 2020, Bunches represents the intersection of information technology and online portals, providing a simple solution for digital networking. Learn more about them on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.


In the realm of construction, SiteScape provides online resources for professionals via a mobile and web portal. Founded in 2020, SiteScape shows the impact of digital transformation in the construction industry. Follow them on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

MetaZoo Games

Delving into the video game industry, MetaZoo Games, founded by Michael Waddell, provides a unique trading card game platform. This is a fine example of online portals’ application within the entertainment sphere. Catch them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Shariawiz is a unique online portal providing Islamic estate planning services. This platform underlines the broad range of use-cases for online portals, from entertainment to niche financial services. Check their updates on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.


A leading player in the Human Resources and recruiting industry, Fytster uses the power of an online portal to deliver services and resources to their audience.

FoodStream Network

In food and beverage industry, FoodStream Network showcases a fantastic use of mobile apps and online portals to deliver innovative services to its audience. You can connect with them on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.


Another brilliant exemplification of online portal usage is Homejor, a company in the retail industry that offers a platform for buying consumer goods. You can learn more about them on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

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