Exploring San Diego’s Pioneering Biotech Startups Revolutionizing US Healthcare

January 26, 2024

San Diego, a city largely recognized for its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture, is also an epicenter of groundbreaking biotechnology innovation. Biotech startups, most of which were founded in 2020 or later, are dynamically reshaping the future of health care, medical research, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences across the United States. So, let’s take a closer look at some of these exciting and promising startups in the heart of San Diego’s biotechnology scene.

The biotech startups based in San Diego span a variety of specialisations, ranging from neurology, protein degradation, biomarker discovery to immuno-oncology, each bringing its unique technology to the table. They share the common goal of revolutionizing the medical field and improving the life quality of patients around the globe. Powered by innovation and determination, these biotech firms represent San Diego’s bright scientific landscape.

Beyond contributing to the scientific community and healthcare industry, these startups also help to stimulate the local economy by generating jobs, attracting investors, and fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. So, without further ado, let’s explore these remarkable startups making waves in the biotech industry right from the sunny city of San Diego.

Longboard Pharmaceuticals

Founded by Kevin R. Lind, Longboard Pharmaceuticals aim to deliver optimized medicines to patients with rare neurological diseases. Their proprietary pipeline includes various programs with broad clinical utility. Focusing on drugs like LP352, LP143, and LP659, which target a range of neurological issues, the company is making significant strides in the biotechnology world. You can also follow the company on their LinkedIn and Twitter handles.


Founded by Benjamin Ebert, Eric Fischer, Philip Chamberlain, and Scott Armstrong, Neomorph focuses on “molecular glue” degraders, advancing the concept of protein degradation. The company’s mission is to address critical health issues with innovative new medicines targeting “undruggable targets.”


Founded by Jeramie Watrous, Mohit Jain, Saumya Tiwari, and Sean Ramsey, Sapient is working towards the discovery of circulating small molecule biomarkers at an unprecedented speed and scale. Leveraging next-generation mass spectrometry, biocomputational analysis, and large-scale human biology databases, they provide a significant contribution to the alignment of patients, disease biology, and specific therapies. Their latest updates and information can be found on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Sorriso Pharmaceuticals

Founded by Ciara Kennedy and Susan Dubé, Sorriso Pharmaceuticals is developing a disease-modifying pipeline of antibodies to treat inflammatory diseases, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The medicines are designed to be delivered orally and maintain activity throughout the intestinal system.

Ocelot Bio

Under the leadership of founders Gebhard Neyer and Geoff Harris, Ocelot Bio is aimed at providing novel treatment options to patients with severe liver disease. Based in San Diego, the company continues to research and develop innovative treatment options. You can also follow them on their LinkedIn and Twitter handles.

Replicate Bioscience

Founded by Andrew Geall, Herbert Kim Lyerly, Nathaniel Wang, and Zachary Hartman, Replicate Bioscience develops novel oncology treatments to prevent and reverse drug resistance through its proprietary self-replicating RNA platform called SynRGY. Their efforts aim to create treatments that enhance the effectiveness of immuno-oncology regimens. They update their latest news on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Abintus Bio

Founded by Carlos E. Ibañez, Cory Bentley, Derek Ostertag, and Douglas Jolly, Abintus Bio is a preclinical stage gene therapy company working in the field of in vivo immune cell reprogramming. They are producing candidates designed to directly reprogram immune cells from within their native environment. You can follow them on LinkedIn.

Alida Biosciences

Founded by Byron Purse and Gudrun Stengel, Alida Biosciences is creating RNA analysis tools to improve human health. Based in San Diego, the company prides itself on its attention to innovation and patient benefit. They’re on LinkedIn as well.


Founded by Shane Bowen in 2017, Palamedrix has developed a multi-omic platform designed to accelerate advancements in life science and medicine. By procuring solutions for biomedical applications, they are comprehensively gathering data. They actively share news and updates on their LinkedIn page.

Jengu Therapeutics

Jengu Therapeutics was founded in 2020 by Benjamin Neel. The company focuses on cellular signaling pathways regulating normal cell proliferation and differentiation, and how disruption of these pathways can cause human diseases, especially cancer.

BlossomHill Therapeutics

Last but not least, BlossomHill Therapeutics, Inc., founded by J. Jean Cui and Y. Peter Li, is a small molecule drug discovery and development company focused on unmet medical needs in oncology and autoimmune disorders. They’re also on LinkedIn.

These biotech startups, based out of San Diego, are bringing forth some of the most innovative technologies and treatments in the biotechnology industry. As we look forward to their future developments, we can certainly expect great things on the horizon.

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