Exploring San Diego’s Pioneering Internet Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 28, 2024

Welcome to the new era of internet startups in San Diego, an exciting hotbed for tech innovation and transformation. From contact tracing platforms to unique marketing solutions, the startups on our list have made significant strides despite their recent inception. Founded in 2020, these startups provide a glimpse into a future driven by brilliant ideas, cutting-edge technology, and boundless creativity.

San Diego has always been a hub for innovation with a thriving startup ecosystem. Its strategic location, access to global markets, and dynamic business environment offer aspiring entrepreneurs a conducive environment to launch their dream ventures. This, combined with a strong network of mentors, developers, and investors, makes it a go-to destination for startups.

Join us as we delve into an array of captivating startups based in San Diego, all of which are operating in the Internet industry and stand out for their ingenuity and potential to reshape their respective sectors.

Contakt World

Founded by Andre Basbaum, Justin S. Beck, Riaz Ferdaus, and Robin Coleman, Contakt World operates in the Information Technology, Internet of Things, Medical Device, and Software sectors. This startup is a next-generation contact tracing platform for enterprises and governments. It combines groundbreaking technology and innovation with tried-and-true processes to improve community health and equity.


Productified, a venture run by Alex Triener and Sid Jubran, offers a task list to help bring ideas to market. It connects users with reliable, affordable experts and freelancers and provides tools and expertise to help makers achieve their dreams. Productified operates in the Internet, Marketing, and Social Entrepreneurship industries.


Led by Austen Goodson and Michael Norton, Konichibot offers innovative solutions in the Internet industry. Notably, Konichibot maintains an air of mystery, keeping its core product and description under wraps.


Ussitedir, founded by Denis Ezhelev, caters to the Information Technology, Internet, and SEO sectors. They offer a unique dofollow business directory for US-based websites or USA-oriented sites.


Started by Susan Kaplan, Packagerz offers a smart solution to protect your packages right on your own front porch. Catering to the Apps, E-Commerce, Internet of Things, and Software sectors, Packagerz aims to put customers at ease when ordering online.

Fluent Pet

Led by Leo Trottier, Fluent Pet operates in the Information Technology, Internet, and Pet industries. They focus on enriching animal lives and strengthening the bond between humans and pets through their innovative tools.

Lively Root

Launched by Jon Ewing, Lively Root is a unique startup targeting the E-Commerce, Home and Garden, Home Decor, and Internet industries. They aim to make indoor gardening accessible by offering eco-friendly products and quality education.


AppMetrix offers a privacy-friendly analytics platform compliant with GDPR and CCPA privacy law. Operating in the Analytics, Data Visualization, Internet, Software, and Web Apps sectors, the company aims to balance visitor privacy with detailed analytics.


Founded by Gideon Rubin and Joshua Odmark, Websitez targets the Advertising, Internet, Marketing, and Software sectors. They offer a unique service that converts anonymous website visitors into valuable leads for businesses.


Started by André Haankwenda, Emmanuel Haankwenda, and Philip Theiss, Dime is a modern e-commerce solution optimized for sellers on social media. Dime operates in the E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Internet, and Social Shopping sectors.

Fullstack Marketing

Fullstack Marketing focuses on the Internet, Marketing, and Marketing Automation sectors. Their exact services and offerings remain under wraps, adding an enticing aura of secrecy.

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