Exploring San Francisco’s Rising Food and Beverage Startups in US

January 27, 2024

San Francisco boasts a competitive landscape of ventures driving forward innovative change. In particular, the city’s bustling tech industry has led to the emergence of new food and beverage startups aiming to revolutionize our food systems. Whether it’s through sustainable solutions or innovative product offerings, startups born in 2020 have already begun making impressive strides in the industry.

Whether they are providing vegan fats that taste like animal fats or facilitating the digitalization of the restaurant industry, these startups are shaking up the norms of the Food and Beverage industry. Let’s take a closer look at the specific companies that are leading the charge.

Here, we will be highlighting a selection of San Francisco-based startups established in 2020, operating within the Food and Beverage industry, from micro food halls to vegan friendly fats and beyond. The companies listed bring fresh perspectives to an ever-evolving industry, offering a taste of the exciting new directions food innovation can take.

Local Kitchens

Founded by Andrew Munday, Jon Goldsmith, and Jordan Bramble, Local Kitchens is a micro food hall that offers a wide variety of food brands in one convenient location. Striving to digitize the restaurant industry, the startup supports local restaurants while providing high-quality meals to communities. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


flavrs, the brainchild of Alejandro Oropeza and François Chu, blends premium food content with commerce to provide a shoppable video platform for food lovers. By presenting high-quality recipe tutorials, it allows users to recreate their favorite meals at home. Get to know them on their LinkedIn page.

Compound Foods

Compound Foods, created by Maricel Saenz, is innovatively brewing coffee without the use of coffee beans. Stay updated with them through their LinkedIn profile.


Lypid is a product of the combined efforts of Jen-Yu Huang and Michelle Lee, who have developed vegan fats acclaimed to taste and behave like animal fats. The company’s updates can be found on their Twitter and LinkedIn page.


Founded by food lover Phil Chen, tastebase is determined to revolutionize the traditional culture of the food and beverage CPG industry to cater to the needs of modern food enthusiasts. Find them on LinkedIn.


Sourse, founded by Andrew Remlinger and Jenne Moore, works towards designing delicious snacks that serve both people and the planet. They focus on introducing new formats for vitamins and supplements. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Provenance Bio

Provenance Bio is an alternative proteins company that aims to compete with animal proteins on an even playing field, using synthetic biology tools. Co-founded by Michalyn Andrews, Dr. Zev Gartner, Dr. John Dueber, and Christian Ewton, the startup focuses on making full-length collagen. Keep up with their progress via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jonathan Gary and Matthew Deyo, Sealed provides a home delivery service focused on meal kits and food e-commerce. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Carrot Capital

Alvir Navin founded Carrot Capital, a startup that supports companies leading the plant-based revolution. Carrot Capital provides seed-stage capital and venture capital for plant-based product development. Stay connected on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Twrl M!lk Tea

With an obsession for creating guilt-free milk tea, Pauline Ang founded Twrl M!lk Tea. They use ethically sourced organic tea, plant-based milk, and low-glycemic sugars to craft their product. Find them on Twitter.

Just Enough Wines

Just Enough Wines, a venture by Jessica Hershfield and Kaitlyn Lo, produces great-tasting canned wines making wine enjoyment more portable, convenient, and sustainable. Stay updated with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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