Exploring San Jose’s Rising Internet Startups: US Innovation Spotlight

January 29, 2024

In recent years, San Jose, California has evolved into a fertile ground for Internet startups. The city, located at the heart of Silicon Valley, represents a key regional hub for technology, innovation, and creativity. This article presents an overview of promising startups founded in or after 2020, headquartered in San Jose and operating in the Internet industry. Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, these startups have shown resilience, innovation, and the ability to adapt.

The startups we will explore range across a wide spectrum of industries including Mobile, Telecommunications, Analytics, Software, Web Development, Information Technology, Web Hosting, E-Learning and more. Each of these companies has, in their unique way, leveraged the internet platform to provide valuable products and services that aren’t just confined within California or the United States as a whole, but across the entire globe.

In this series, we will look deeper into each of these entrepreneurial ventures, understand their operations, their founders, and how they’re leveraging the internet platform to change the outlook of their respective industries. Each one of these firms represents the entrepreneurial spirit that San Jose and Silicon Valley as a whole have become synonymous with.


Founded by Ken Zhang and Michael Ricks, EdgeNectar operates in the intersection of Mobile and Telecommunications industry providing mobile edge computing that offers direct access to the new 5G mobile network infrastructure. Enables businesses to deliver highly interactive and low latency user experiences. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


GamerGraph, founded by Patrick Flanders, is a cloud-based platform for game developers providing deep visibility into player behaviors. Their mission is to enable game developers to better understand their players, enhance player experiences, and ultimately, create better games. Join the conversation on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


By streaming code in real-time to the cloud, CodeSync allows developers to review the entire history of the codebase on the web. Founded by Mansoor Osmar, developers can use CodeSync to gain insights into individual productivity and stay in sync with their teams. You can follow their progress on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Founded by Netanel Weizman, Earnit operates in the intersection of several technology-based industries. More information about their service offerings can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Offering hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes, CynderHost distinguishes itself through its scalability and cost-efficient services. Visit their social media platforms for more updates on Facebook and Twitter.


Co-founded by Allan Sur, Andy Ho, and Jeremy Fojas, Evolve aims to connect people to the internet via mobile telecommunications. Keep up with their latest developments on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Good Life College

Operating in the E-learning and Education sector, Good Life College offers a step-by-step guidance program from global legends to improve life skills. Learn more about their services on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by a team led by Jagane Sundar and Jitendra Pandey, InfinStor offers an enterprise-grade MLOps Operating System which aids data scientists to build next-generation machine learning workflows. Stay updated on their advancements via LinkedIn and Twitter.

Stoke Systems

Stoke Systems, co-founded by Karthik Rau and Remy Lannelongue, provides a simple solution for companies to monitor their assets in real time. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay in the loop.


Co-founded by Mike Hart and Nick Alexander, Aervivo is on a mission to democratize the ISP industry, enabling fiber-grade connectivity at a fraction of the cost. Keep up with them on LinkedIn.

Shoppable Inc

Founded by Joe Todd and Terry McGinnis, Shoppable Inc. operates in the CleanTech, E-Commerce, and Venture Capital space.

San Jose’s vibrant startup ecosystem shows great promise, with countless burgeoning startups leveraging technologies to build innovative solutions. We leave here and will return with a fresh new batch of startups from another vibrant city next time around. Stay tuned.

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