Exploring Tampa’s Breakthrough Information Technology Startups – A U.S. Spotlight

January 27, 2024

Welcome to another installment of our Best Startups series, where we shine the spotlight on the most promising startups located within the United States. This piece will cover the Information Technology sector, exploring startups established in 2020 and beyond with headquarters located in Tampa, Florida. The companies featured are innovatively employing technology to solve complex issues and create sustainable future growth. Read on to meet these trailblazers.


Founded by Aharon Chernin and Gary Pica, Rewst is an avant-garde company in the intersection of Information Technology, Robotics, and Software. They specialize in creating robotic process automation technology for smaller managed services providers. Connect with them on LinkedIn or follow their updates on @Rewst_dot_io.


ContinuumCloud represents a suite of cloud-based software solutions tailored to meet the needs of the health and human services industry. They specialize in Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Service Industry, and Software. You can connect with them on their LinkedIn.


Aurinko is developing cutting-edge APIs and providing developer tools within the Information Technology industry. Connect with Aurinko on LinkedIn.


Founded by John Owens, Sixwatch is a managed IT service provider serving the Tampa Bay, Bradenton, Sarasota, and Orlando areas. The company provides wide-ranging IT consulting, cybersecurity, support, and leadership services. Join their network on LinkedIn or Facebook, or follow them on @sixwatchit.


Founded by Aun Abbas, Ititans operates in the Information Technology, Service Industry, and Software realm. They can be found on both LinkedIn and Facebook.


Situated at the intersection of Computer, Information Technology, and Internet industries, Gagiteck is a startup to watch. Connect with them on Facebook and follow their updates on @gagiteck.


In the IT and Software Industry, PowerMPS is a company worth noting. Connect with them on LinkedIn, like their Facebook page, or follow them on @PowerMps.

Martins software & Automation

Working with IoT, Blockchain technology, and Software solutions, Martins software & Automation is pushing boundaries within Information Technology.

Cybertek Security

Working in the intersection of Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Network Security, Cybertek Security is securing the digital world. Connect with them on LinkedIn, like their Facebook page, or follow them on @CyberTEK_LLC.

DataComp Appraisal Suite

Operating in the Commercial Real Estate, Data Center Automation, and Information Technology sectors, DataComp Appraisal Suite offers innovative IT solutions.

ArcPoint Forensics

Developed by Amy Moles and Jared Ringenberg, ArcPoint Forensics is on a mission to transform digital forensics. Their flagship product, ATRIO TM, puts essential digital forensics capabilities into the hands of non-technical personnel at the field level. Connect with them on LinkedIn, like their Facebook page, or follow them on @Get_ArcPoint.

With the ever-increasing pace of IT developments, these young entities from Tampa are blending innovation with resilience to mold the future of the IT sector. Keep an eye on these startups as they continue to evolve and redefine the technology industry.

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