Exploring Texas-Based AgTech Innovations: Pioneering US Startup Success Stories

January 3, 2024

2020 was a pivotal year for startups across various sectors, but none more impactful than those in the the Agriculture Technology (AgTech) industry. This innovative field uses technology to solve problems in agriculture, and Texas is currently leading the charge for new companies entering this space. In this article, we will take you through the startups hailing from the Lone Star state, who despite a challenging economic climate, saw their inception in 2020 or later and are breaking new ground in AgTech industry. These companies are setting the standard for their counterparts and moving the needle forward in sustainable and efficient farming techniques.

Texas is a leader in the global agricultural market, and its startup ecosystem is no exception. The firms we highlight are using next-generation technologies, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop innovative software platforms for managing farms more efficiently, and producing organic food products that are disrupting traditional supply chains. With an original blend of old and new world farming techniques, these startups are transforming the way food is produced, managed and consumed.

While each company brings a unique solution to the table, all operate under a common theme: sustainability. Some of the most innovative solutions are emerging from Texas in areas such as supply chain transparency, management and compliance, utilizing technologies like blockchain. Let’s dive in and meet these revolutionary startups:


No information is currently available for this company. Please visit the company’s website for more information.


Founded by Mark Allan, HintFarms located in Texarkana, Texas, is aiming at transforming the AgTech industry. While more detailed information is yet to be released, take a moment to visit their Facebook or Linkedinpages for updates.


Based out of Plano, Texas, HERBLY ™ is revolutionizing the AgTech industry on the organic food front. Another brainchild of Mark Allan, this startup is likely to shake the industry up. You can get more information about HERBLY ™ on their Facebook or Linkedin pages.


Vayda, located in the tech hub of Austin, Texas, is bringing a new perspective to the AgTech industry. Founded by Steven Feldman, this company is using technology and sustainable practices to enhance agricultural outcomes. Following a regenerative approach, Vayda is taking farming into the future. Explore their approach more here.


Chainparency, established in Houston, Texas, is propelling the AgTech industry into the modern era. This company uses blockchain technology to achieve transparency in the compliance and supply chain management of agricultural products. Their innovative product GoTrace is taking supply chain transparency to new heights. Follow their progress on their Linkedin page.

AgSensor Solutions

AgSensor Solutions of Longview, Texas, is another noteworthy entrant in the AgTech industry. Though details about its founders and concept are sparse, the startup has been making waves in the Agriculture and Internet of Things circuits. For updates and more information, visit their Linkedin page.


Based in Houston, Texas, Pluck was founded by Scott Novich and emphasizes the quintessential AgTech blend of traditional farming practices and innovation. Their focus on sustainable agriculture and consumer goods has garnered attention in Texas and beyond. Stay tuned via their Twitter page for more updates.

To conclude, these startups are not only shaping the future of the AgTech industry, they’re driving the sustainability movement within agriculture. From advanced farm management systems and supply chain transparency to organic food production and regenerative agriculture, these Texas-based startups are the ones to watch in 2021 and beyond. Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight the companies propelling the US startup scene to new heights.

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