Exploring Texas-Based US Startups Revolutionizing the Aerospace Industry

December 19, 2023

In the heart of American innovation and technology, Texas is home to various industry leaders, with startups constantly emerging onto the scene. One industry that especially shines in the Texas startup scope is Aerospace. From rocket engine manufacturers to suppliers of aircraft parts and space travel enthusiasts, fresh-faced companies in Texas are making it to the airspace with unique, technologically advanced products and services. In this article, we highlight several Aerospace industry startups established in 2020 or later and are headquartered in Texas.

Though relatively new, these startups have shown exceptional prowess within the Aerospace industry. Share in their journey as they navigate in uncharted territories to disrupt the industry, bringing with them a variety of innovations designed to advance space travel and the aerospace industry as a whole.

Of these groundbreaking startups is Firehawk Aerospace, a company with an impressive reach extending to 3D printing, chemical engineering, national security, and space travel. From suppliers of aircraft parts to sellers of unique, spacely jewelry, these fresh-faced companies in Texas aim high with their left-field, technologically advanced products and services. Without further ado, let’s venture into the dynamic world of aerospace startups in Texas.

Firehawk Aerospace

Founded by the trio Ronald Jones, Steve Edwards, and Will Edwards, Firehawk Aerospace is a Dallas-based rocket engine manufacturer. With its industry reach spanning from 3D Printing to Space Travel, this promising startup brings innovative solutions in aerospace industry. Find them on Linkedin here.


VTR, also known as Visionary Training Resources, is a Houston-based startup dedicated to improving pilot training using virtual reality software. Established by Founders Evey Cormican and Rick Parker, VTR aims to revolutionize aerospace training. You can connect with them on Linkedin here.

Harbor Six Advisors

Located in Katy, Texas, Harbor Six Advisors is a business and management consultancy firm, specializing in operational, financial, managerial, and technological excellence in aircraft and FBO operations. Follow them on Linkedin here.

Atlantis Industries, Inc.

Atlantis Industries, Inc., founded by Bradley Morrison, is a 3D systems modeling, simulation, and engineering company powered by artificial intelligence. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Atlantis Industries amplifies aerospace engineering with the use of AI. Connect with them on Linkedin here.

NANCo Aero

Another Houston-based startup, NANCo Aero, provides advanced air vehicles and drones built for reliability, along with other services. With modern aircraft that transport passengers to their destinations via various systems, they are revolutionizing air travel. Find them on Twitter @nancoaero, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

Happy Takeoff

Happy Takeoff is a Dallas-based startup operating in the aerospace industry. Keep up with them on Twitter @Happy_Take_Off and Linkedin here.

Stella Jets

Located in Southlake, Texas, Stella Jets operates in the aerospace, air transportation, and travel industry. Connect with them on Twitter @stellajets, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

Ameriflight Components and Exchanges

Ameriflight Components and Exchanges is a Dallas-based startup that is a supplier of aircraft parts, providing reliable products on time and at affordable prices. You can find them on Linkedin here.


Based in Austin, Galactiv is a startup that enables sustainable commercial activities in outer space through satellite servicing and salvage operations. They offer additional revenue generation opportunities for satellite operators. Connect with them on Twitter @galactiv_space, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

Space Crystals LLC

Founded by Kevin Heath, Space Crystals LLC creates unique products by growing customer DNA infused crystals in space, providing unique creations for their customers. Follow them on Facebook here and Linkedin here.

Space Ocean Corp

Last but not the least, Space Ocean Corp, founded by Paul Mamakos is devoted to recording footage of every ocean in the solar system to sustain human life in space. Connect with Ocean Camera Space Corp on Twitter @OceanCamSpace, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

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