Exploring Top US-Based Mobile App Startups Headquartered in New York

January 25, 2024

As the world becomes increasingly digital, mobile applications (apps) have become vital tools in our day-to-day lives. Startups in the mobile app industry are pushing boundaries, creating innovative solutions designed to improve our routines. Some of the most promising of these startups are headquartered in New York, having been founded in 2020 or later. This piece shines a spotlight on these startups and their contributions to the industry.

From gaming and finance to management software and social networking, these New York startups cover a wide range of sectors. By utilizing the latest digital technologies, they are redefining how we communicate, work, play, and more.

In alphabetical order, here are the startups that are making significant strides within the mobile apps industry.


Pogo is a consumer-focused mobile app startup co-founded by Dom Wong, Oskar Melking, and Shikhar Mohan. Pogo empowers individuals to monetize their data, providing an opportunity to earn and save on shopping, finances, and more. The company uses users’ data responsibly, pushing recommendations based on the data users decide to link with the app. Pogo’s corporate information can be found here.


Founded by Alexander Emmanuel and Anthony Geranio, 1v1Me is a gaming mobile application enabling users to play one-on-one video game matches for cash. The app brings together a community of gaming enthusiasts, further bolstering the eSports sector. Stay connected with 1v1Me on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Trustate is an estate administration platform co-founded by Leah Del Percio and Tara Faquir. The application was designed with the aim of easing the administrative work that follows the loss of a loved one. Lawyers and wealth managers can use Trustate’s software to assist their clients with the settlement of estates, further solidifying the platform as a vital tool in wealth management. Follow Trustate on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.


Co-founded by Arthur Lorotte de Banes and Tom Nguyen, Café is an app designed for the modern hybrid work environment. It empowers employees to choose where to work from while providing organizations with the tools necessary for team collaboration. Stay up-to-date with Café’s latest initiatives on LinkedIn.


Kambeo is a community-focused social impact platform. It makes giving back to local communities fun and easy for users, all while providing businesses with opportunities to showcase their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Charities and nonprofits also benefit from Kambeo’s platform, gaining access to the digital tools necessary to fulfill their mission. For more on Kambeo, visit the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Enroute, a health care mobile app startup co-founded by Mike Kosnik and Samson Schirmer, offers a solution for patient transportation within hospitals. The platform’s communication and management solution provides invaluable predictive data to healthcare professionals. Keep up with Enroute on LinkedIn.


The brainchild of Emre Fadillioglu, Mehmet Bilgin, Seyhmus Olker, and Soner Sensoy, Storyly is a user engagement platform that incorporates the familiar ‘stories’ feature found on popular social media platforms. Storyly Stories provide an engaging and interactive user experience, making it easier for brands to communicate with their audience. Stay up to date with Storyly on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Financial startup Kiwi, co-founded by Alexander Schachter and Mariano Sanz, is changing how consumers across Latin America build credit. Regardless of their current or past financial situation, Kiwi aims to provide reliable financial support. Connect with Kiwi on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Hailey Ji, HULA is a new player in the social networking and information technology domain. For more information about HULA, follow the company on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Driveway is an app founded by Chris Schilling and Harrison Johnson. The company provides an invaluable solution within the software and information technology realm. Stay updated with Driveway on LinkedIn.


Founded by Ritesh Mehta and Samir Patil, stck.me is shaking up the eBooks, mobile apps, and online portals sectors. Follow stck.me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more updates and insights.

In conclusion, these New York-based startups reflect the city’s dynamic and innovative spirit. Through their groundbreaking mobile apps, they are setting a high standard for future developments in various sectors. Keep an eye on these names as they continue to shape the industry with their cutting-edge solutions.

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