Exploring US-based Austin Real Estate Startups Transforming the Industry

January 26, 2024

As the United States starts to accommodate the new business landscape brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more startups are beginning to make their mark. One city that has seen significant growth in its startup scene is Austin, Texas, specifically within the Real Estate industry. Although challenging to get off the ground during this period, these startups have come up with innovative solutions and services to cater to the evolving real estate Market. As part of our series highlighting promising US startups, we’ve rounded up some Austin-based real estate startups that have been founded from 2020 onwards.


Founded by Colton Pace, Frank DiZenzo, and Joseph Noor, Ownwell is a promising startup in the fields of Commercial Real Estate, Home Services, Personal Finance, and Residential Real Estate. The online solution aims to help people reduce the costs of owning real estate by providing essential tools and resources. Furthermore, it aids property owners who may be overpaying their taxes by finding them suitable tax breaks. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Ink, created by founder Caleb Jones, is a Real Estate, Information Technology, and Software startup. It’s a mobile-first real estate tool, allowing agents to develop, edit, and sign contracts directly from their phones within just a few minutes. For more about this company, you can follow their LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Ben Thomas, Bowden K., Kendall Carameros, and Nick Whalley, Nutiliti operates in the Apps, Billing, Real Estate, and Software sectors. The company provides an integrated end-to-end solution for managing utility setup, bill payment, and consumption monitoring. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


CasaPerks is a platform designed to foster interaction between renters and their communities through meaningful rewards. The startup’s core industries are Information Technology, Property Management, Real Estate, Rental, and Software. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Calque offers innovative lending solutions, including trade-in mortgages, dealing primarily with community banks and credit unions. The startup operates within the Real Estate, Lending, and Rental sectors. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn


Unilease, a promising startup in the realms of Finance, Leasing, and Real Estate, was founded by Rob Marshall. Learn more about the company via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Empower Transactions

Founded by Jennifer McKinley and Keith Dunham, Empower Transactions provides vital services in Document Management, Property Management, and Real Estate. Visit them on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more.

1781 Mortgage

1781 Mortgage offers services in the Financial Services, Lending, Personal Finance, and Real Estate industries. Learn more about this company via their Facebook and LinkedIn.

Narrow Road Group

Developing, managing, and investing in residential properties, Narrow Road Group caters to the multifamily housing sector. Their services include assistance in property purchases and sales for both residential and commercial properties. You can reach them on their LinkedIn page.

South Shore District

Known for their community-focused developments, South Shore District offers premier lifestyle communities with top-notch amenities. Operating within leasing, property management, real estate, and residential sectors, they provide waterfront living and come a bustling community activities. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Despite the volatile business environment since 2020, these startups have shown resilience and creativity in meeting the shifting demands and needs of the real estate landscape. Their ground-breaking solutions are not just helping to reshape the real estate market in Austin, but are also contributing significantly to the broader startup ecosystem.

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