Farmington’s Finest: A Tour of Distinctive Hardware Stores in Farmington, MO

Unearthing the Unique Hardware Industry of Farmington, MO

Tractor Supply Co.

With an array of pet supplies, livestock feed, power equipment, and workwear, Tractor Supply Co. positions itself as a local rural lifestyle store. Known for its knowledgeable team, it delivers products and seasoned advice to its customers.

Lowe’s Home Improvement

From patio furniture to construction tools, Lowe’s Home Improvement offers low prices on all hardware products and construction needs. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, Lowe’s is a go-to spot for all building materials.

Plummer’s Hardware

Plummer’s Hardware, listed on the Ace Hardware website, is known as a destination for home improvement needs, from hardware supplies to paint.

Harbor Freight

Quality and affordability are at the core of Harbor Freight. This tool supplier offers high-quality products at low prices, ensuring that customers receive the best value.

Farmington Building Supply Co

Farmington Building Supply Co, listed on the Do It Best website, provides a wide range of building materials, from lumber to metal buildings, serving local businesses and home improvement needs.

Rural King

Rural King offers a diverse product mix ranging from livestock feed, farm equipment, to fashion clothing and housewares. With its outstanding customer service, it’s no surprise why every trip to Rural King feels like an adventure.

Klepzig Wood Products Inc

Although Klepzig Wood Products Inc doesn’t have an online presence, it’s a notable hardware store known for its unique offerings.

Do It Best Hardware Store

Listed on the Do It Best website, this hardware store provides an array of home improvement supplies.

Family Center Farm & Ranch

The Family Center Farm & Ranch is your one-stop-shop for paint, lawn and garden supplies, hardware, and tools.

The Family Center

Also found on the Ace Hardware website, The Family Center is another popular choice for hardware supplies.


As North America’s leading fastener distributor, Fastenal offers a full line of industrial products, including safety supplies and construction equipment.

Diesel Power Incorporated

Diesel Power Incorporated specializes in diesel and gas engines, generators, and custom-designed systems. This range of products proves invaluable to the construction industry.

Rosener Roofing & Guttering

Rosener Roofing & Guttering offers specialized services in gutter installation and roofing, and also provides home improvement supplies.

Botkin Lumber Co Inc

With products such as lumber and plywood, Botkin Lumber Co Inc serves as a wholesaler for durable goods and building materials.

Farmington, MO’s hardware industry showcases a diverse and unique range of stores. Each brings its own specialty and unique offerings, serving a broad range of customers and their varied needs. It’s a testament to the fact that in Farmington, you will find a store to cater to every hardware need, be it for a major construction project or a minor home improvement task.

Written by Mobb

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