Fayetteville’s Finest: A Tour of Top Dental Practices and Services in WV

Taking a closer look at the premier dental establishments that make Fayetteville shine.

Cassis Dental Center

  • Website: Cassis Dental Center
  • Description: Dr. Bruce Cassis and his team pride themselves on utilizing the latest technology to provide top-notch dental care. They believe a beautiful smile can greatly enhance one’s appearance and strive to help their patients achieve just that.
  • Categories: Dentist, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentistry, Dentist & Dental Office, Physicians & Surgeons

  • Website:
  • Description: Though specific details weren’t provided, this unique entity seems to blend the worlds of dentistry and digital media, offering specialized services for dental professionals.
  • Categories: Internet Company, Internet Marketing Service, Dentist, Media/News Company

Dr. Carl Hansen, DDS

  • Description: Details about Dr. Carl Hansen were not available, but he falls under the trusted category of Dentists in Fayetteville.
  • Categories: Dentist

Jarrell Patrick DDS

  • Description: Specific information about Dr. Jarrell Patrick wasn’t provided, but he’s a noteworthy dentist in the area.
  • Categories: Dentist

Shady Spring Dental Care – Lochgelly, WV

  • Website: Shady Spring Dental Care
  • Description: This dental establishment aims to create a familial environment for every patient, emphasizing trust and comfort for an optimal dental experience.
  • Categories: Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry

Dean C. Paxton, DDS Family Dentistry

  • Description: Though specifics are not mentioned, Dean C. Paxton is a trusted figure in family dentistry.
  • Categories: Dentist, General Dentist, Family Dentistry

Short Robert T DDS

  • Categories: Dentist

Vaynes Steve L Jr DDS

  • Description: Vaynes Steve seems to have a specialization within the field, but further details are lacking.
  • Categories: Dentist, Surgery Dentists

Mankins Amy

  • Categories: Dentist

Dr. Robert J. Skoretz, DMD

  • Categories: Dentist

Ansted Medical Clinic

  • Website: Summersville Regional
  • Description: Although a broader medical entity, Ansted Medical Clinic offers a range of services, potentially including dental care.
  • Categories: Medical clinic, Health, Medical, Clinic, Health Care, Hospital, Doctors, Medical Care, Physician Assistants, Osteopaths, Physicians & Surgeons

Eckley L Edward DDS

  • Website: Eckley Orthodontics
  • Description: With multiple locations in West Virginia, this orthodontic practice stands out with its expertise in Invisalign, helmed by the skilled Drs Edward and Brett Eckley.
  • Categories: Dentist, Health Services, Clinics of Medical Doctors, Offices of Medical Doctors, Offices of Dentists, Dental Clinics

Dentist WV

  • Categories: Dentist

Med-Surg Group Inc

  • Categories: Dentist, Health Services, Clinics of Medical Doctors, Offices of Medical Doctors

Charles E Shelton DDS

  • Categories: Dentist

Conclusion: Fayetteville, WV, boasts a diverse range of dental services and professionals. From specialized orthodontic care to all-encompassing family practices, Fayetteville is a hub for top-tier dental care. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, the range of options ensures your dental needs are in the right hands.

Written by Mobb

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