Featuring Top Washington DC Education Startups Revolutionizing US Learning Landscape

January 26, 2024

Education industry is highly flexible, ever evolving, and a critical part of modern life. The need for new educational platforms, tools, and services has never been more necessary and the startup community has taken notice. Here in Washington, DC, several education startups have launched since 2020, each with its own unique vision, mission, and product offerings. They are innovating teaching and learning methodologies, creating robust platforms, and providing necessary tools for the education industry.

Class Technologies

Class Technologies was co-founded by Michael Chasen and Wesley Boyer. They offer Class for Zoom, which is integrated software for the Zoom Meetings platform, facilitating teachers in various tasks like attendance, assignment distribution, grading, and communication with students. Links: @weareclasstech, Facebook, LinkedIn.

University Startups

University Startups is a platform that provides students and lifelong learners opportunities to learn beyond traditional curriculum. They focus on creating enriching educational experiences that prepare students for the real world. Links: @univstartups, Facebook, LinkedIn.

The Global Center

The Global Center offers a variety of program services, including education, research, media, and business programs. They aim to expand access to global knowledge and opportunities through their holistic programs. Links: @GlobalCenterEd, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Count My Health

Count My Health focuses on health education. They offer programming that helps individuals make lifestyle changes for improved health outcomes through useful data tracking, reporting, and care management services. Links: @countmyhealth, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Leg Up in IT

Leg Up in IT serves as an excellent platform focusing on providing opportunities in IT education and training. Links: @legupinit, Facebook, LinkedIn.

The Playing Field Project Foundation

The Playing Field Project Foundation focuses on education and nonprofit services, primarily in higher education. Links: @PlayingFLDProj, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Online Adventure Camps

Online Adventure Camps offer an exciting and unique format for remote learning. Links: @OnlineAdvCamps, Facebook, LinkedIn.

The Aspen Fellowship

The Aspen Fellowship, founded by Brian Hollins, serves to develop African-American future leaders by providing them with the necessary “building blocks” to start and succeed in their careers after graduation.


Schoolytics is an analytics and AI platform co-founded by Aaron Wertman and Courtney Monk. It offers detailed analysis of student engagement, tracking trends over time, and enabling data-driven actions in the classroom. Link: LinkedIn.

Colour Consulting

Colour Consulting offers a variety of modern online public/personal relations services at competitive prices. They aim to provide quality and unbeatable deals to clients. Link: LinkedIn.

Voter Formation Project

Voter Formation Project, founded by Tatenda Musapatike, focuses on providing education to facilitate voting processes. Links: @VoterFormation, Facebook, LinkedIn.

These startups represent the dynamic and robust future of education both regionally and nationally. Their innovative approaches and offerings are sure to bring exciting changes to how we educate our citizens in the years to come.

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