Federal Way’s Finest: A Look at the City’s Top Furniture Stores and More

Where Unique Meets Functional: The Furniture Hubs of Federal Way, WA

1. HomeGoods

Website: HomeGoods

About: HomeGoods offers a delightful array of furniture and home essentials, handpicked from across the globe. Explore and discover high-quality items at astonishing prices, ensuring that every visit feels like an adventure.
Categories: Department Store, Kitchen Accessories, Bathroom Supply Store, and more.

2. Quality Rugs Home Furnishing

Website: Quality Rugs Home Furnishing

This establishment represents the essence of furniture shopping with its wide range of products, appealing to diverse tastes.
Categories: Furniture store, Furniture Stores.

3. J&B Furniture Muebleria

Dive deep into a world where design meets functionality, ensuring that your home reflects your unique taste and style.
Categories: Furniture store, Furniture Stores.

4. Discount Direct Furniture and Mattresses

Website: Discount Direct

About: A family-owned endeavor, this store is passionate about providing exceptional value, ensuring that each customer receives the best in terms of price, quality, and service.
Categories: Furniture Store, Children’s Furniture Store, Mattress Store, and more.

5. Quality Furniture Inc

Website: Quality Furniture

A store that upholds its name, offering a wide range of high-quality furniture and mattresses that cater to every homeowner’s desire.
Categories: Furniture store, Mattress Store, Furniture Stores, and more.

6. Office Depot

Website: Office Depot

About: More than just office supplies, Office Depot offers an extensive range of office furniture and essentials, ensuring that your workspace is both comfortable and efficient.
Categories: Office Furniture Store, Computer Services, Shipping Service, Furniture store, and more.

7. Craft Carpets

A store that stretches beyond furniture, Craft Carpets is your one-stop shop for flooring needs, home renovations, and much more.
Categories: Flooring store, Fireplace, Flooring Contractors, Rug Cleaning, and more.

8. Futons Mattresses & More

Website: Planet-Futon

For those who cherish flexibility in design and comfort, this store offers a range of futons and mattresses that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Categories: Furniture store.

9. Pier 1

Elevate your living space with Pier 1’s unique collection of home decor, furniture, and seasonal items, making every season feel special.
Categories: Furniture store, Home decor, Seasonal Store, Home goods store.

10. Jessis Billiards and Oshi Ukuleles

Website: Jessis Billiards

About: A blend of recreation and design, this store not only offers pool essentials but also has an array of Ukuleles and Seahawks-themed furniture. Dive into the world of leisure and art with their unique offerings.
Categories: Pool Cues, Ukulele, Billiards Supply Store, Seahawk Furniture.

11. Mattress Depot USA

Website: Mattress Depot USA

About: As a prominent locally-owned mattress company, Mattress Depot USA promises quality, brand name mattresses, ensuring that every night is a good night’s sleep.
Categories: Pillows, Beds, Mattresses, Bedding Store, Simmons Mattress, and more.

12. Kohl’s

Website: Kohl’s Federal Way

A department store that offers an extensive collection of home goods, ensuring that every corner of your home radiates charm and elegance.
Categories: Department store, Department Stores.

13. Allwood Furniture

About: Specializing in unfinished furniture, Allwood Furniture offers a unique opportunity to bring home raw beauty and customize it according to your preference.
Categories: Furniture, Unfinished Furniture, Oak, Wood, Hardwood, and more.

14. Aqua Recs Swimminhole and Fireplace Shop

For those who seek luxury and relaxation, this store provides a range of pools, spas, and fireplaces, turning your home into a haven of tranquility.
Categories: Swimming Pools, Sauna Equipment, Fireplace, Hot Tubs, and more.

In Federal Way, WA, there’s a blend of traditional, contemporary, and unique furniture stores, each promising quality and aesthetics. So, whether you’re redesigning, relocating, or simply browsing, Federal Way has something for every furniture aficionado.

Written by Mobb

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