Federal Way’s Mortgage Magnates: An Insight into the Industry Leaders

September 8, 2023

WaFd Bank: A Century of Community Commitment


WaFd Bank stands as a beacon of longevity and community service, celebrating over 100 years of service across the western states. Their award-winning practices, which garnered them the Best Big Bank title for three consecutive years by Newsweek, showcases their devotion to providing comprehensive services, from personal banking to business solutions. An added distinction is their commitment to their clients, ensuring their loans remain with them rather than being sold to secondary markets.

Tom Rhea – The Tailored Mortgage Maestro of CMG


Thomas J Rhea’s expertise in the Federal Way mortgage scene is unmatched. As a part of CMG Home Loans, Thomas offers customized mortgage solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned home buyer, a newbie, or an investor, he has the right mortgage fit for you, with a portfolio ranging from conventional loans to innovative solutions like crowdfunding via HomeFundIt.

Lisa Beaman – Crafting Unique Mortgage Experiences at CMG


Lisa A Scherer is another star at CMG, offering specialized mortgage solutions tailored for every client’s unique situation. Her comprehensive suite of offerings ensures that every client gets the best product tailored to their needs.

Jennifer Buckholz – Mortgage Expertise with a Personal Touch at CMG


Offering a wide array of mortgage products, Jennifer A Buckholz is dedicated to ensuring her clients get the best fit for their needs, cementing her status as a go-to mortgage specialist in Federal Way.

CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC: Nationwide Expertise with a Local Feel


Being a nationwide lender doesn’t deter CrossCountry Mortgage from ensuring a personalized local experience. Their vast array of services, from home purchase loans to refinancing options, stands testimony to their versatility and industry knowledge.

Daniel Sargent at CrossCountry: Guiding Clients Home


Whether it’s navigating the home loan process or answering mortgage-related queries, Daniel Sargent at CrossCountry Mortgage ensures his clients have a smooth, personalized experience.

Gina Smith of CMG: Transforming Mortgage Experiences


Gina Smith’s tailored approach ensures that every client, whether a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, receives mortgage solutions best suited to their needs.

Matthew Lord at CrossCountry: The Mortgage Answer Man


Dedicated to simplifying the mortgage process, Matthew Lord ensures his clients are well-informed and receive a seamless loan experience.

Jeffrey Johnson at CrossCountry: Personalizing the Mortgage Journey


With a commitment to personalization, Jeffrey Johnson guides clients through the mortgage maze, ensuring clarity at every step.

Tony Nelson of CMG: Crafting Custom Mortgage Solutions


Tony Nelson’s tailored approach at CMG provides an array of mortgage options, ensuring every client finds their perfect mortgage match.

Revolution Mortgage: Redefining the Mortgage Experience


Marrying technology with traditional practices, Revolution Mortgage offers an unparalleled lending experience. Their rapid growth and innovative approach make them a favorite among millennial homebuyers in Federal Way.

Shanna Frazer at CMG: Mortgage Solutions with a Personal Touch


Shanna Frazer’s commitment to personalizing mortgage solutions, from conventional loans to innovative financing options, ensures clients receive the best.

Rebecka Crocker at CMG: Turning Mortgage Dreams into Reality


Rebecka Crocker, with her tailored approach, ensures that clients receive the perfect mortgage solution, tailored to their unique needs.

BECU Credit Union: More than Just Banking


BECU goes beyond traditional banking, offering a comprehensive range of services from mortgages to auto loans. As a not-for-profit financial co-op, BECU ensures members get better rates, minimal fees, and invaluable financial guidance.

Bay Equity: Randy Chenaur – A Name Synonymous with Trust


Though the details are scarce, Randy Chenaur’s association with Bay Equity stands as a testament to his commitment to providing top-notch mortgage services in Federal Way.

This compilation offers a deep dive into the mortgage industry leaders of Federal Way, WA, showcasing the stalwarts and experts who have shaped the lending landscape of the city.

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