Felton’s Finest: A Deep Dive into Felton’s Top Cleaning Service Companies

Uncovering the Gleaming Gems in Felton’s Cleaning Service Industry

All County Cleaning


  • About: Dedicated to both residential and commercial cleaning, All County Cleaning ensures their clients get a tailored approach, offering weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning programs that suit the needs of any customer.
  • Categories: Commercial Cleaning Service, House Cleaning Service, Janitorial Service, and more.

Green Tech Cleaning LLC

  • About: Though details are scarce, Green Tech’s diverse categories hint at a holistic approach to cleaning services.
  • Categories: Carpet Cleaner, House Cleaning Service, Janitorial Service, and more.

Healthy Home Solutions


  • About: A company driven by the aim to improve indoor air quality, they offer services from mold and odor air purification to air duct sanitizing.
  • Categories: Environmental Organization, Air Duct Cleaning Service, Flood Disaster Recovery, and more.

Superior Maids


  • About: Superior Maids appears to be a comprehensive solution for domestic and commercial cleaning, also offering employment opportunities in the sector.
  • Categories: House Cleaning Service, Employment Agencies, Interior Cleaning Services, and more.

Asap Cleaners

  • About: Primarily focusing on laundry and dry cleaning, ASAP Cleaners promises clean clothes in a jiffy.
  • Categories: Dry Cleaner, Laundry Services, Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services, and more.

Sets Sanitation

  • About: A one-stop solution for everything related to septic systems, from installation to cleaning.
  • Categories: Septic System Service, Plumbing Repair, Septic Tank Cleaning & Pumping, and more.

Stripes Unlimited

  • About: Stripes Unlimited offers specialized cleaning for streets and power sweeping services.
  • Categories: Street Cleaning, Sweeping Service, Power Sweeping Service.

Rugdoctor Carpet Cleaner


  • About: A professional carpet cleaning company offering top-tier services at competitive prices. Clients can also choose to do the cleaning themselves with RugDoctor’s supplies.
  • Categories: Carpet Cleaning Supplies.

Vanguard Power Washing


  • About: Expert exterior cleaning services for both homes and businesses around Dover. Their range includes pressure and soft washing techniques.
  • Categories: Power Washing Service, Exterior Building Cleaning Service, Dover Pressure Washing, and more.

Ducts R Us

  • About: Specializing in the ventilation domain, Ducts R Us ensures clean and allergen-free air ducts for commercial and residential premises.
  • Categories: Air Duct Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Ventilating Systems Cleaning, and more.

Toss It Now


  • About: A comprehensive junk removal and clean-up service, offering assistance ranging from dismantling structures to emptying storage units.
  • Categories: Garbage Dump Service, Mold Removal, Medical Waste Disposal, and more.

Republic Services


  • About: A leader in waste management, Republic Services offers reliable pickup and disposal services, all while keeping sustainability at its core.
  • Categories: Garbage Dump Service, Recycling Center, Construction Cleanup Service, and more.

Stallings Michael Soil & Septic Service

  • About: Focused on septic solutions, this service ensures the proper installation and management of septic systems.
  • Categories: Dealers, Contractor, Septic Tanks, System Contractors.

Allstate Sewer & Drain Cleaning

  • About: A comprehensive solution for all plumbing needs, from water treatment to sewer cleaning.
  • Categories: Plumber, Water Treatment, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, and more.

Debs Domestics

  • About: Debs Domestics looks to be a reliable choice for home remodeling and cleaning contracting.
  • Categories: Contractor, Home Remodeling, Cleaning Contractors, and more.

In Conclusion: Felton, DE boasts an array of cleaning service companies, each with its unique strength and specialization. From residential cleaning to environmental solutions, there’s a company ready to meet every need.

Written by Mobb

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