Felton’s Hidden Gems: A Tour of Unique Art Galleries

July 19, 2023


An artistic oasis tucked away in the heart of Felton, Artistree is a hub for local artists and art lovers. This gallery brings together the diversity and talent of local creatives under one roof. Its no-frills approach to showcasing art creates an intimate and engaging environment that offers a fresh perspective on the city’s art scene.

White Raven

An eclectic blend of coffee house and art gallery, White Raven is the place where caffeine meets creativity. Not only does it serve some of the finest coffee in town, but it also hosts an array of artworks from local artists. This unique and vibrant space offers a relaxed ambiance to enjoy art, books, and beverages.

Art Services by Steve & Mary Lanctot

Offering more than just an art gallery, Art Services by Steve & Mary Lanctot is the epitome of art preservation. Specializing in fine art restoration and custom picture framing, this institution ensures the longevity and beauty of art. Their passion for preservation is matched only by the love for sharing these treasured pieces with the community.

Mountain Spirit

Mountain Spirit is a boutique gift shop with a generous splash of art gallery. With a treasure trove of unique items from books to home decor, this shop also houses a collection of local artwork that adds a touch of Felton’s spirit to its offerings.

Pacific Art & Design

Pacific Art & Design is a modern, forward-thinking gallery that showcases a broad range of contemporary art. Their mission is to cultivate creativity and promote emerging talents in Felton and beyond.

Technician Of The Sacred Inc

This space is an art lover’s dream. Technician Of The Sacred Inc is not just a gallery; it is an immersive, transformative experience that challenges the boundaries of traditional art spaces. Every visit here promises a fresh and thought-provoking experience.

Bigfoot Discovery Museum

For the adventurous and curious, the Bigfoot Discovery Museum offers a unique blend of folklore and art. This museum houses fascinating exhibitions about the legendary Bigfoot, with an artistic twist that is sure to intrigue visitors of all ages.

Roaring Camp Railroads

Roaring Camp Railroads is an art experience like no other, showcasing art in motion. Its historic trains, combined with the stunning natural backdrop of Felton, create a picturesque living canvas that leaves visitors in awe.

Bev Martin Fine Art & Portraits

Bev Martin Fine Art & Portraits presents an exceptional collection of fine art paintings. Focused on the power of portraiture, Bev Martin’s company combines traditional techniques with a unique personal style to capture the essence of her subjects.

Sandy Craft

Sandy Craft offers a unique perspective on the art world, blending traditional art with a crafty twist. With a rotating display of art from local artists, this gallery is a refreshing addition to Felton’s art scene.

The Art Store Custom Framing & Fine Art

This shop offers a comprehensive selection of framing services for all art forms. Known for its superior craftsmanship and an extensive range of frame designs, The Art Store Custom Framing & Fine Art is a trusted partner for art preservation and presentation.

Sharon Medler Fine Art

Sharon Medler Fine Art brings the beauty of fine arts to life. Home to a collection of vibrant paintings and sculptures, this gallery offers an intimate look into the world of the renowned artist, Sharon Medler.

Scotts Valley Art Center

This center serves as the heartbeat of the art community in Felton, offering workshops, exhibitions, and cultural events that celebrate local talent and inspire creativity.

Pure Beads

A treasure trove for jewelry enthusiasts, Pure Beads combines the world of art and accessories in an innovative way. Offering a wide range of artisan beads and jewelry, this shop is a haven for those seeking unique art pieces to wear.

Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery

Housed in the University of California Santa Cruz campus, the Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery is a dynamic space that encourages academic engagement and community interaction through art. It features rotating exhibitions of student, local, and international artists.

Felton’s art scene offers a diverse array of galleries that transcend traditional art boundaries and offer a unique perspective on local and global art. These galleries are not just venues to view art; they are community spaces that foster creativity, dialogue, and an appreciation for the arts. Explore them to witness the dynamic and vibrant art scene that makes Felton so special.

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