Florida Agri Startups: Innovating US Agriculture Through Sustainable Solutions

January 3, 2024

The agricultural sector has seen an amazing wave of innovation in the past decade. A lot of this has been driven by rapidly evolving technology and a new class of brilliant entrepreneurship. Creative and ambitious thinkers who are re-envisioning the way we engage in farming, agtech, production, and trade within the agricultural industry have brought about transformative change. Today we will showcase a selection of exciting agricultural startups that were founded in or after 2020, with headquarters in Florida, and are touching on all parts of the agricultural landscape.

These startups are harnessing the power of technology and smart solutions to redefine and enhance the agricultural sector. They have been able to introduce digital technologies like cloud operating systems, SaaS platforms, and AI, towards addressing challenges in farming operations. Sharing the same field are initiatives aimed at improving e-commerce platforms for direct trade of agriculture products and services. These startups are creating a fresh narrative on the industry’s capacity, not only in technology advancement but also in its role in economic development and sustainability within their communities and far beyond.

All startups mentioned have displayed exceptional idea conception, creativity, and a promising approach to solving pressing issues in agriculture. They’re pioneering the digital and technological landscape for agriculture businesses in Florida and drawing worldwide attention.


Based in Miami, Florida, BloomsPal is revolutionizing the Agricultural Procurement landscape with smart e-procurement solutions made possible with SaaS. Enabling buyers of agro-commodities to conduct business in a more streamlined way, BloomsPal aims to enhance speed, transparency and savings in the trading process. Their sophisticated trading technology is drastically changing how agriculture supply chains operate.


Located in North Palm Beach, Florida, ProduceIQ is a promising startup in the fields of Agriculture, Farming, Marketplace, and Trading Platform. They are providing a remarkable platform to update and advance the agricultural industry.


CultivateAI, situated in Orlando, Florida, is another exciting startup taking the agriculture and analytics world by storm. They have designed a cloud-based system to simplify the complex task of Ag data management, thereby enabling smarter decision making in the agriculture sector.

Sir Hemp Co.

In West Palm Beach, Florida, Sir Hemp Co. serves as a wellness company, offering a range of hemp-derived products. They are a promising venture pushing the limits of agriculture, alternative medicine, and e-commerce.


Based in Gainesville, Florida, Agroview is an AI-powered agricultural startup offering precise inventory management, plant health metrics, and yield total solutions. They are setting a higher standard in terms of AgTech, artificial intelligence, and big data.

Advanced Flower Capital

From West Palm Beach, Florida, the Advanced Flower Capital is extending institutional loans to high-profile cannabis companies, thereby fueling the growth of the cannabis industry. They are becoming prominent players in agriculture, cannabis, and financial services in Florida.


Out of Miami, Florida, Cultivato is a perfect blend of agriculture, AgTech, farming, and winemaking. They’ve made a considerable impact on the landscape of Florida’s wine and spirits industry.


Based in Miami, Florida, Pomp is an online portal connecting Florida’s farming industry with consumers. They are providing flower power to the gift industry.

Precision Ecology

With its base in Ocala, Florida, Precision Ecology is leading the industry in providing detailed geospatial data acquisition services. They utilize 3D technology to revolutionize risk assessment and data generation for various sectors including agriculture.

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