Florida’s Future of Insurance: Top 15 Companies Revolutionizing the Industry

October 3, 2023

1. Enhance Health

Bringing Digitization to Senior Insurance

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  • Enhance Health, a pioneering force in Florida, primarily focuses on delivering senior-focused digital insurance solutions.

2. Ensurem

Transforming Insurance with Technology and Product Distribution

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  • Ensurem is making waves by addressing both carriers and consumers in the expansive U.S. senior market.

3. Foundation Risk Partners

A Legacy of Excellence in Insurance Expertise

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  • With decades of experience, Foundation Risk Partners stands tall as an embodiment of insurance proficiency and leadership.

4. Iron Title

Reimagining Title Insurance in Florida

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  • Iron Title brings a fresh approach to the traditional title insurance scene in the state.

5. Vault

Redesigning Insurance for the Modern Individual

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  • Vault promises a stress-free and contemporary insurance experience, especially catering to affluent individuals and families.

6. C. Meyers Feldman & Co

Where Payroll Meets Medical Billing in Insurance

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  • This company stands out by offering both payroll and medical billing services for independent property and casualty insurance agencies.

7. U Scope Technologies

The Future of Property Inspection is Virtual

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  • U Scope Technologies leads with its property inspection platform, automating real-time condition documentation.

8. Trajector

Championing Disability Benefits Access for All

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  • Trajector fills a significant gap, aiding underserved and disabled individuals in securing qualified disability benefits.


Bringing Cybersecurity to the Forefront of Insurance

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  • In the digital age, TEKRiSQ drives cybersecurity for small and medium businesses, all through a network of trusted advisors.

10. Ted Todd Insurance

Rooted in Traditional Insurance Values

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  • Ted Todd Insurance remains a stalwart in the industry, offering reliable insurance services in Florida.

11. Redemption Technologies

Pioneering Cryptocurrency in E-commerce Marketplace

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  • Standing out from the crowd, Redemption Technologies allows subscribers to make anonymous payments with cryptocurrency everywhere.

12. Flood Risk Solutions

Specialized Solutions for Flood Insurance

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  • Flood Risk Solutions specializes in providing tailored risk management strategies and flood insurance plans.

13. Quick Silver Systems

Leading Insurance Administration Systems

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  • Quick Silver Systems is a frontrunner in offering insurance policy and claims administration systems.

14. Pizzamico

Supporting Independent Pizzerias in an Unconventional Way

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  • Although an outlier in this list, Pizzamico showcases the expansive nature of insurance, aiding independent pizzerias.

15. Panacea Healthcare Services

Revolutionizing Revenue Cycle Management

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  • Panacea Healthcare Services stands tall as a leading provider of revenue cycle management and diverse business solutions.

Florida’s insurance landscape is changing rapidly, and these 15 companies are at the helm of this transformation, bringing innovation, technology, and service excellence to the forefront.

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