Flourishing US Consulting Startups: Spotlight on Portland, Oregon Enterprises

January 26, 2024

Even amidst the historic turbulence that 2020 brought upon us, the United States has seen the rise of several new startups that are turning these challenges into successful endeavors. Particularly, certain startups located in Portland, Oregon, are setting an exemplary rank for enthusiastic entrepreneurs across the country. These companies, though diverse in nature, all share a mutuality in their innovative approach, inspiring leadership, and adaptive strategies which facilitate their standing in the Consulting industry. In this article, we will be showcasing some of these startups to offer a glimpse of their founding journey, the founding team behind it, and the notable contributions they are making in their respective industries.

Savvy Learning

Savvy Learning Co. is making strides in the E-learning and Education Industry with their forward-thinking approach. You can connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

CleanMetrics 2.0

CleanMetrics 2.0, an Environmental Consulting company has been influencing the consulting industry with its unique approach to Environmental Engineering. Have a closer look at their work via their Facebook or LinkedIn channels.

Ratio Public Benefit Corp

Founded by Jesse Cooke, Ratio PBC is combining Consulting, Government, Health Care, Information Technology, and Software to create mission-critical solutions for health and human service enterprises. Catch them on Twitter @RatioPBC or at their LinkedIn channel.

Neurologix, Inc.

Angela Taylor’s startup has been driving change in the health and wellness industry with personalized wellness and cognitive enhancement solutions. You can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Second Opinion, LLC

Rany Raviv’s Second Opinion, LLC is providing people much needed financial coaching and commercial support during trying times. They can be found on LinkedIn.

Truly Bookkeeping

Founded by Kelli Bagby, Truly Bookkeeping is making strides in accounting and finance consulting. Get in touch with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Setting an example in the Consulting, Information Technology, and Software industry, Sygnl is a beacon of innovation. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Portland, Oregon based PDX ADVERTISING, founded by Grant Michael Leingang, offers full-service advertising and marketing support. Connect with them through their Twitter account @pdxadvertising, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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