Georgia’s Consulting Pioneers: 15 Firms Redefining Business Solutions

July 30, 2023


Georgia’s startup landscape is brimming with consulting firms that are revolutionizing business strategies and offering cutting-edge solutions. From geochemistry consultancy to cyber risk management and beyond, these 15 consulting companies are making waves in the business world. In this article, we explore Georgia’s consulting pioneers and their contributions to the ever-evolving realm of business solutions.

SOAR Vision Group: Elevating Performance Excellence 🚀

SOAR Vision Group is a national technology and performance excellence firm.

MineraLogic: Unlocking Geochemical Insights 🔍

MineraLogic assists clients in identifying risks and opportunities caused by geochemical reactions. W:

Pangeodata, LLC: Empowering Global Business Relations 🌍

Pangeodata enables trusted business with anyone in the world.

BitBoy Crypto: Decoding the World of Cryptocurrency 💱

BitBoy Crypto reports on the top bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain news stories. W:

Risk3Sixty: Securing the Digital Frontier 🛡️

Risk3Sixty offers cyber security, privacy, and compliance program services. W:

Theta Retail: Powering Solutions with Efficiency 🔋

Theta Retail provides an immediate solution for various business needs. W:

Qualified Recruiter: Unearthing Top Talent 🎯

Qualified Recruiter develops an impressive depth and scale of essential recruiting knowledge. W:

EyeProGPO: Empowering Ophthalmology 👁️

EyeProGPO is an ophthalmology-focused group purchasing organization. W:

APG Emerging Tech: Navigating Digital Transformation 📈

APG Emerging Tech provides business strategy and digital product consulting. W:

Castlefield Group: Shaping Business Success 🏰

Castlefield Group offers strategic acquisitions, fundraising, investments, and consulting. W:

Ohio River South: Championing Advocacy and Partnerships 🌊

Ohio River South specializes in lobbying, government partnerships, media relations, and more. W:

Proactive Risk Solutions: Nurturing Employee Well-being 🏥

Proactive Risk Solutions provides benefits, health coaching, and lifestyle services.

DataAutomation: Automating Data-Heavy Processes 📊 automates data processes and builds custom integrations. W:

Conurets Telecom Services: Pioneering IoT Solutions 🌐

Conurets Telecom Services offers end-to-end IoT solutions. W:

Cloud Trailz: Unleashing Salesforce Potential ☁️

Cloud Trailz provides Salesforce consulting, management, and marketing services. W:


Georgia’s consulting scene is a dynamic space where innovative firms are transforming industries and offering indispensable solutions. From elevating performance excellence to shaping digital transformation, these consulting pioneers are the driving force behind the success of businesses across the state. With their vision and expertise, these startups are reshaping Georgia’s business landscape and leaving an indelible mark on the world of consulting.

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