Health Innovators: A Spotlight on Corning’s Medical Field

An exploration into the diverse healthcare services available in Corning, California.

Jones Dwaine MD

Recognized in the medical world as an expert family practice physician, Dr. Jones Dwaine continues to provide quality healthcare to Corning’s families. Known for his exemplary patient care, Dr. Dwaine ensures every family receives the individual attention and treatment they need.

Ooi James P M D

Dr. James Ooi, another valuable contributor to the Corning medical community, has specialized in Family Medicine Practice. This role places him at the forefront of Corning’s healthcare, serving families and individuals across all ages, genders, and diseases.

Massie Don C Pa-C and Pearson James R Jr Pa-C

Both Massie Don C and Pearson James R Jr serve as Physician Assistants, aiding in the general practice of healthcare in Corning. As key players in the healthcare ecosystem, they facilitate improved accessibility and efficiency of medical services, contributing to a better overall patient experience.

Primary Care, Specialty Care: Adventist Health

Providing exceptional service in both primary and specialty healthcare, Adventist Health is a cornerstone of Corning’s medical industry. Visit their website to learn more about their offerings and how they cater to various health needs of the Corning community.

Corning Medical Associates Incorporated

This multifaceted healthcare organization extends its services from counseling and mental health to family practice, anesthesiology, and more. Corning Medical Associates Incorporated forms a crucial part of Corning’s healthcare fabric, offering a comprehensive suite of services under one roof. You can explore their services further on their website.


While primarily known as a grocery store, Safeway’s in-house pharmacies offer easy access to prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. It emphasizes convenience and accessibility, ensuring health essentials are readily available to the Corning community. Visit their website to learn more.

Katrina Perdue DMD

As a well-regarded dentist, Dr. Katrina Perdue specializes in providing a variety of dental care services, including teeth whitening. Visit her website to explore her range of services and commitment to oral health.

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center

Miracle-Ear provides a valuable service to the Corning community with their advanced hearing aid solutions. They prioritize discreetness, the latest technology, and premium service, serving as a trusted resource for hearing health. Visit their website to learn more about their offerings.

Dignity Health: Gaurav Wahi, DO; Meghan Leininger, DO; Theodore Shea, MD

These three physicians from Dignity Health represent some of the best in their respective fields – Obstetrics and Gynecology, Osteopathy, and Family Practice. Their commitment to providing personalized care and treatment is evident in their practice ethos. Visit their websites for more information: Gaurav Wahi, Meghan Leininger, Theodore Shea

Stephens Kay MD

A significant part of Corning’s medical field is Dr. Kay Stephens, who is a respected surgeon specializing in trauma care. Her dedication and skill in handling emergency situations make her a vital asset in the healthcare sector.

Coronado Robert MD

Dr. Robert Coronado is a specialist in cardiology, providing his expertise in cardiovascular health to the Corning community. His in-depth knowledge and patient-centered care approach ensure his patients receive the best cardiac care.

Wound Care – St. Elizabeth Community Hospital – Red Bluff, CA

Dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate care, St. Elizabeth Community Hospital’s Wound Care unit is a crucial part of Corning’s healthcare system. The unit specializes in treating patients with different types of wounds, employing cutting-edge techniques to enhance healing. Visit their website to learn more about their specialized services.

The diverse healthcare services in Corning, California, ensure residents have access to high-quality care across various medical disciplines. These medical companies and professionals are the backbone of the community’s health, delivering expert care and innovative treatment options.

Written by Mobb

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