How To Promote An Instagram Page Of A Start-up: Few Quick Tips To Make Your Path Easier

July 5, 2022
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There are many articles that tell how to organize a start-up or what exact features should be taken in consideration, but almost no information on what specific points should be checked out while promoting a page on social media that tells about a start-up. In this article we will go through the main tricks that will help you to make your start-up more popular and receive funding from people who will become interested in it due to social media.

Even if at first sight it seems like not the most efficient thing to do, promoting your project by dint of social media is very smart, because this is a channel that gives you an opportunity to tell an audience about your start-up. Surely, there are specific platforms that allow to demonstrate a project in a more specific and formal, technical way, but if we are talking about “selling” the project to people who will fund it, there is nothing better than using social media platforms, where you can make that demo interactive and clear to people who might not quite get what the technical side of the project is about. To make your social media platforms more dominant, you can use growth services like Media Mister.

You should plan things ahead though and have a clear understanding that promoting something online is in no way easier than creating something: if you find yourself in this situation for the first time, it might be helpful for you to turn to help from a professional SMM manager. But if you do not have time, money or resources for such a cooperation, you can make it easier by using a chance to buy Instagram followers and give your page a decent leg up and a booster this way.

However, this is not the only method that you should be using to promote your product – the main tool is cooperation with bloggers, who are able to showcase your product to their audiences and making them want to buy it. All you need to do is find the bloggers who are bound to the sphere that you want to produce in, and to find the ones whose ads are going to be on your budget. This is not hard, requires some time and patience, but the results are definitely worth the fuss.

However, going back to the paid services: if you make a decision to buy Instagram followers cheap, you should also make sure that you purchase quality services. Fake subs are going to cost less, but will bring lots of troubles to your promotion’s process; bots are drowning the statistics and are making your profile less active. For example, if your start-up has been able to gain 100 followers and 50 of them are constantly reading everything that you post, this is great. But if you purchase 500 fake subs and the number of those who support your content is still 50 – that’s super bad. It is clear that the more followers you gain, the more active users there should be appearing as well.

Therefore, if you attempt to use paid services, you should always monitor the quality of the services provided. By the way, this also applies to targeted advertising, which Instagram offers to configure: if you buy it and configure it, you definitely should change the settings whenever you see that advertising does not bring the results you expected. Initially, we recommend choosing the shortest period (3-4 days) and testing the initial settings to find your audience – we recommend always using adjacent areas for the correct selection of interests. People often forget that their audience has not one, but several interests that characterize it, and prioritize one or two, whereas they could greatly expand this circle and attract more people.

Therefore, always try to think through the development of your page a few steps ahead, and invest your own efforts in this process. Do not forget that you can talk about your new page on your old pages and on the pages of friends of your social networks – this is called cross-posting. Use all the social connections that you have, and do not hesitate to do it: if your project is really good, they will want to support it and will not find anything wrong with it.

Remember that the quality and speed of promotion will depend only on you and on how much effort you put into finding a good site where you can buy subscribers. If you don’t have time to read reviews from previous buyers and compare prices and conditions, you can use the links we gave you in this article – they will help speed up the process and save time and money, while not sacrificing quality.

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