Illuminating Paths: Exceptional Advice Startups in Minnesota

Unveiling Minnesota’s trailblazing startups that offer expert advice across diverse domains


Minnesota, known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, is also home to a vibrant ecosystem of advice startups. In this article, we delve into 15 exceptional companies that provide valuable guidance and expertise in various fields. From legal and financial advice to counseling and business consulting, these startups are revolutionizing the way individuals and organizations seek and receive advice. Join us as we explore the innovative solutions and forward-thinking approaches of these Minnesota-based startups, showcasing their impact on the advice industry and their local communities.

Avisen Legal: Expert Legal Counsel for All Needs

Website: Avisen Legal

Description: Avisen Legal is a law firm with expertise in estate planning, succession planning, and intellectual property, providing comprehensive legal advice to clients.

Encephalo Investments: Intelligent Financial Management

Website: Encephalo Investments

Description: Encephalo Investments offers investment management services for long and short equity, providing clients with intelligent financial advice.

Lighthouse Counseling: Empowering Mental Well-being

Website: Lighthouse Counseling

Description: Lighthouse Counseling offers family therapy, couples counseling, and marriage counseling, guiding individuals towards healthier relationships and improved mental well-being.

Tedious: Hassle-Free Lawn and Snow Care

Website: Tedious

Description: Tedious specializes in lawn care, snow removal, leaf clean-up, and fertilizer services, providing expert advice for hassle-free outdoor maintenance.

Lucere Legal: Comprehensive Business Law Solutions

Website: Lucere Legal

Description: Lucere Legal is a law firm specializing in business incorporation, trademarks, real estate, contracts, and estate planning services, offering expert legal advice to businesses.

DawgHoused: Strengthening Personal Relationships

Website: DawgHoused

Description: DawgHoused provides practical solutions to enhance personal relationships, helping individuals build healthier affinities through insightful advice.

f3Logic: Streamlined Business Structures for Advisors

Website: f3Logic

Description: f3Logic assists advisors in designing operational business structures that support their operations and client services, providing expert advice for efficiency.

GAMMA: Tailored Portfolio Management and Advisory

Website: GAMMA

Description: GAMMA offers a wide range of portfolio management and investment strategic advisory services for individuals and businesses, providing personalized advice for financial success.

Advisor Financing: Financial Advisory and Lending Solutions

Website: Advisor Financing

Description: Advisor Financing is a company specializing in financial advisory and conventional lending, providing expert advice and access to funding for businesses.

ACThoughtful Consulting: Insightful Business Advice and Coaching

Website: ACThoughtful Consulting

Description: ACThoughtful Consulting offers business advice and coaching services, guiding clients towards growth and success through insightful advice.

AlphasFuture: Strategic Investment Advisory and Wealth Management

Website: AlphasFuture

Description: AlphasFuture is a financial institution specializing in investment advisory, wealth management, and portfolio strategies, providing expert advice for financial growth.

RGW Wealth Management: Tailored Financial Planning and Asset Allocation

Website: RGW Wealth Management

Description: RGW Wealth Management offers investment strategies, retirement planning, and asset allocation services, providing personalized financial advice to clients.

Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management: Consulting for Financial Well-being

Website: Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management

Description: Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management provides consulting and advice to clients for financial well-being, ensuring informed decisions and financial security.

AskYourDoc: Convenient Telemedicine for Expert Medical Advice

Website: AskYourDoc

Description: AskYourDoc is an app connecting users to doctors, enabling communication through texts, videos, or pictures for expert medical advice.

Premier Starter: Empowering Financial Literacy and Guidance

Website: Premier Starter

Description: Premier Starter provides financial literacy education and guidance, equipping clients with knowledge and resources to achieve future financial goals.


Minnesota is home to a dynamic range of advice startups, bringing expertise and guidance to individuals and businesses alike. From legal counsel and financial management to mental health support and business consulting, these Minnesota-based startups are revolutionizing the way advice is sought and delivered. With their innovative approaches and commitment to excellence, they are shaping the future of the advice industry. These companies demonstrate that expert guidance is within reach, empowering individuals and organizations to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Written by Mobb

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