Innovating on the Go: Exploring Washington’s Mobile Startup Scene

Discover the dynamic mobile companies driving innovation in the Evergreen State


Washington, known for its tech prowess and innovative spirit, is also home to a vibrant mobile startup ecosystem. In this article, we delve into the world of mobile technology and showcase 15 exciting companies that are revolutionizing the mobile landscape in Washington. From community organizing tools and cannabis-focused social networks to real estate platforms and personalized toy-sharing services, these startups are harnessing the power of mobile technology to transform industries and enhance people’s lives. Join us as we explore the mobile startups putting Washington on the map of technological innovation.

OpenField: Empowering Community Organizing through Mobile Technology

Website: OpenField

Description: OpenField is an award-winning mobile tool that enables organizations to build and mobilize communities, fostering engagement and amplifying collective power.

Social High: Connecting the Cannabis Community through Mobile

Website: Social High

Description: Social High serves as a social networking platform designed specifically for the cannabis community, providing a space for connection, information-sharing, and engagement.

Homeworthy: Revolutionizing Real Estate Transactions with Mobile

Website: Homeworthy

Description: Homeworthy offers a mobile platform that streamlines the home buying and selling process, empowering users and providing cashback rewards.

CharityCheckin: Driving Organic Reach through Mobile Engagement

Website: CharityCheckin

Description: CharityCheckin is a mobile app that helps brands generate organic social media reach by encouraging users to share content while supporting charitable causes.

Beast Mobile: Affordable Mobile Phone Service with a Cause

Website: Beast Mobile

Description: Beast Mobile is a low-cost cell phone service provider that partners with Marshawn Lynch to deliver affordable mobile connectivity options.

Minima Software: Creating Innovative Android Applications

Website: Minima Software

Description: Minima Software specializes in developing cutting-edge applications for the Android platform, leveraging the power of mobile technology to enhance user experiences.

Bambú Mobile: Driving Collaborative and SAAS-based Business Models

Website: Bambú Mobile

Description: Bambú Mobile is a software development company focused on collaborative and SAAS-based business models, delivering innovative mobile solutions.

Reflection Games: Crafting Mid-Core Mobile Gaming Experiences

Website: Reflection Games

Description: Reflection Games is a mobile game development studio, founded by industry veterans from Big Fish Games and Self Aware Games, dedicated to creating engaging mid-core mobile games.

Chances: Connecting People with Mutually-Matched Intentions

Website: Chances

Description: Chances App, inspired by Gen Z founders, uses mutually-matched intentions to connect individuals and foster meaningful connections through mobile technology.

Perfect Day: Crafting Engaging and Free-to-Play Mobile Games

Website: Perfect Day

Description: Perfect Day is an entertainment company focused on developing captivating free-to-play mobile games, captivating audiences with immersive experiences.

Broadside Digital: Seattle’s Mobile App Developers

Website: Broadside Digital

Description: Broadside Digital is a team of skilled mobile app developers in Seattle, specializing in creating innovative and user-centric mobile applications.

Gravit8 Marketing: Empowering Mobile Marketing Technology

Website: Gravit8 Marketing

Description: Gravit8 Marketing is an end-to-end mobile marketing technology company, offering solutions to optimize marketing strategies and reach target audiences effectively.

Bloom – Pregnancy & Parenting Network: Connecting and Supporting Parents through Mobile

Website: Bloom

Description: Bloom is a mobile app providing a supportive network for pregnancy and parenting, facilitating advice-sharing, discussions, and story-sharing among users.

AFAR Interactive Inc.: Collaborative Knowledge Network Service

Website: AFAR Interactive Inc.

Description: AFAR Interactive Inc. offers a collaborative knowledge network service, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration among users through mobile technology.

Elfbox, Inc.: Personalized Toy Sharing Service

Website: Elfbox, Inc.

Description: Elfbox, Inc. provides a personalized toy-sharing service, allowing parents and families to exchange toys and promote sustainable play experiences through a mobile platform.


Washington’s mobile startup scene is a hotbed of innovation and creativity. These 15 remarkable companies exemplify the transformative power of mobile technology, delivering unique solutions across a wide range of industries. From community-building tools and social networks to real estate platforms and gaming experiences, these startups are shaping the future of mobile technology in Washington and beyond. With their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries, these mobile companies are driving progress and redefining what is possible in the palm of our hands.

Written by Mobb

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