Internet Startups Revolutionizing Chicago’s Tech Scene: Spotlight on US Innovators

January 26, 2024

The inception of innovative startups in 2020 and beyond has marked a new era in the business landscape, particularly in the Internet industry. From tackling technological needs in the restaurant sector to transforming energy consumption, these startups represent the future of the industry. Today, we highlight some of these promising new companies headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, US.

In response to a rapidly digitalizing world amidst the global pandemic, these startups have risen to the occasion, offering varied solutions for a multitude of needs. They have effectively harnessed the power of the Internet to develop unique services, whether it’s providing support for restauranteurs or simplifying solar power for homeowners. Let’s take look at these groundbreaking startups and their promising futures.

These startups are not just reshaping their respective industries with cutting-edge solutions, but they are also playing a critical role in fostering a culture of innovate thinking and entrepreneurship in the US. By harnessing the power of the internet, these startups are unearthing new opportunities, paving the ways for future developments and serving as inspirations for the future generation of entrepreneurs.

Science On Call

Founded by Andy Freivogel, Ken Tsang, and Luisa Castellanos, Science On Call provides a subscription-based tech support platform for restaurants, offering help with POS, internet, Wi-Fi, and online ordering. With an inception in the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator portfolio company in 2021, they are well-positioned for success. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Robert Light, CarrierSource is an online review marketplace that synthesizes FMCSA safety, insurance information, and verified reviews to facilitate the best carrier selection for brokers and shippers. Their diverse portfolio positions them well for growth. Stay connected on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Solar Simplified

With a vision to make renewable energy more accessible, Aviv Shalgi founded Solar Simplified, a platform connecting homeowners and businesses to local solar farms. Solar Simplified simplifies the process of supporting renewable energy and guarantees savings on energy bills. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Sofie Tech

Founded by Kathleen Wilson, Sofie Tech is a beauty product discovery platform offering personalised product recommendations based on individual customer profiles. Linked on LinkedIn.

Mitena Partners, by CCC

Mitena Partners is an affiliate of the Chicago Clearing Corporation, offering a cloud-based platform Founded by James Tharin, they are making a mark in the financial tech space. Check them out on Chicago Clearing, Mitena Partners, Login.Claims, LinkedIn, and Facebook


Tendii, founded by Kelly Graver, is a conferencing app designed to facilitate productive meetings. Conceived to fill productivity gaps in conference calling, Tendii enables project managers to manage time and document outcomes effectively. Connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Unlocking the power of data services, HubioID provides services such as identifying visitors, B2B, contact enrichment, data monetization, and data visualization. Founded by Tural Bayev, they are changing the way data is visualized and utilized. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Kevin Rosa and Rachel Rosa in 2020, Objective offers a browser extension that allows users to personalize priorities, adding filters, and contextualizing data. Connected via LinkedIn.


RapidRona was developed in response to diagnostic test capacity shortages and has since made headways in the home wellness testing market. They provide accurate and easy at-home testing for COVID-19 diagnostics. Stay updated on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Bonfire Live

Founded by Vritti Sethi, Bonfire Live supports artists with marketing, curation, ticketing, and production as they transition from in-person to online performances. Connect with Bonfire Live on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jolien Demeyer, Jelloow helps brands and marketing agencies in project planning and selection. Offering a simple three-step process, they are ready to assist in planning, pitching, and commencing your marketing projects. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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