LA’s Trailblazing Non-Profit Startups Revolutionizing the US Sector

January 26, 2024

The diverse and ever-changing landscape of the nonprofit sector in Los Angeles is not only a driver of impactful change but also an incubator for innovation and collaboration. The city is home to countless start-ups established in 2020 or later, each one making a unique contribution to various causes, creating solutions, and driving social impact in several industry sectors. From financial services and renewable energy to social impact and education, these organizations are breaking boundaries and leading the way in their respective areas.

We are pleased to introduce some of these trailblazers, demonstrating the breadth and depth of Los Angeles’ ingenuity and commitment to tackling some of society’s most pressing challenges. Each one brings a unique perspective and novel approaches to effecting change in our local communities and beyond. Let’s dive deeper and explore these companies.

B Generous

Co-founded by Dominic Kalms, Neil St. Clair, and Paul Kalms, B Generous is a venture-backed FinTech startup designed to reshape the donor nonprofit market in the U.S. Their unique philanthropic credit product promises to unlock billions in liquidity for nonprofits nationwide. Follow them on their social media accounts: @LetsBGenerous, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

One Earth

Founded by Justin Winters and Karl Burkart, One Earth is working in the areas of agriculture, nonprofit, and renewable energy. Find out more about their initiatives on their social media platforms: @oneearth, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Bargny Diaspora

Envisioned as a platform to unite people residing in the diaspora for the development of their town and its people, Bargny Diaspora is making strides in communities, nonprofit, and social sectors. Follow them on @Bargnydiaspora, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Latinx 4 Social Movement

Driving change in the art and non-profit arenas, Latinx 4 Social Movement injects funds into various organizations through the sale of artist-designed merchandise. Join their movement on @latinxsocialmov, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Creatives 4 Democracy

Find out more about the work of Creatives 4 Democracy in the sectors of charity, education, nonprofit, and politics. Follow them on @creatives4democ, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Striving to create change in charity, communities, and the nonprofit sector, africaActive helps communities tackle issues like lack of opportunity, mental health, and education. They also offer various programs like support for foster care and immigration. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Resilientship is a platform for young women facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Through community, education, and friendship, the organization helps women navigate their journey. Follow them on @resilientship, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Dance Education Equity Association

The Dance Education Equity Association provides dance courses and aims to combat systemic issues within dance spaces, fostering safety, equity, and inclusivity. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Black Girls Leadership Academy

Discover more about Black Girls Leadership Academy and their mission in education, nonprofit, and personal development. Connect with them on @BlackGirlsLead1, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Healers For Mankind Foundation

Find more about the work of the Healers For Mankind Foundation in the nonprofit, service industry, and sustainability sectors. Reach them on LinkedIn.

Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department

The Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department is focused on reducing bias and injustices while leveling the playing field through community engagement. Follow them on @lacivilrights, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

These startups exemplify the dynamism, creativity, and commitment to driving positive change that has become a hallmark of Los Angeles’ nonprofit industry. As they continue to grow and develop, we look forward to the impactful progress they will undoubtedly contribute to their respective sectors and the communities they serve.

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