Lighting Up Brevard, NC: A Look at the Electric Contractors Powering the Community

Innovative Solutions and Unmatched Expertise: Electric Contractors that Make a Difference in Brevard, North Carolina

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Electric contractors are the unsung heroes of any burgeoning community, ensuring that both residential and commercial spaces are well-equipped with power. In Brevard, North Carolina, a roster of excellent electric contractors provides a range of services, from general electrical maintenance to specialized installations. This article highlights some of these local gems.

d K Smith Electric Services

Categories: Electrician, Electrical, Contractor, Electric Contractors, Electricians, Special Trade Contractors, Electric Contractors-Commercial & Industrial

While specific information is not available, their comprehensive set of services ranging from commercial to industrial electrical solutions indicates a strong commitment to quality.

Cathey’s Creek Electric

Categories: Electrician, Construction, Electricians, Electrical Work, Electrical Power Systems Maintenance, Construction Special Trade Contractors, Electric Contractors-Commercial & Industrial, Electrical Power Systems-Maintenanceelectricians

Specializing in both construction and maintenance, Cathey’s Creek Electric offers diverse solutions for any electrical needs.

Arnold t e Electric

Categories: Electrician, Contractor, Electric Contractors

A reliable electric contractor, Arnold t e Electric offers general electrician services. Their commitment to quality service makes them a solid choice.

Double l Acres Electrical Service

Categories: Lighting, Contractor, Electric, Electric Contractors, Home Furnishings, Electricians, Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Retail, Local Business, Lighting Fixtures Retail

Not just any electrical service, Double l Acres specializes in lighting fixtures and home furnishings, indicating a broader scope than most electric contractors.

TBK Electrical Contracting Inc

Categories: Electrician, Electricians

Website: TBK Electrical Contracting Inc

TBK Electrical Contracting Inc focuses on providing top-notch electrician services, and their online presence indicates an easy-to-access service.

Mark L Hooper Electrical Svc

Categories: Electrician, Construction, Electricians, Electrical Work, Local Business, Construction Special Trade Contractors

A reliable choice for both construction and special trade contractors, Mark L Hooper Electrical Svc is a versatile and dependable option.

Flynn Electrical Inc

Categories: Electrician

Flynn Electrical Inc specializes exclusively in electrician services, suggesting a focused expertise in this area.

Tim Owen Electric

Categories: Electrician

Another reliable electrician, Tim Owen Electric offers general electrician services.

Curto Electric

Categories: Contractor, Electric, Electric Contractors, Electricians, Special Trade Contractors, Electric Contractors-Commercial & Industrial

Curto Electric provides a wide range of electrical contracting services, including specialized trades and commercial solutions.

Laws Electric

Categories: Construction, General Contractors, Electrical Work, Construction Special Trade Contractors

Beyond just electrical work, Laws Electric is engaged in general construction services as well.

Wilson Electric

Categories: Electrician

Wilson Electric, like many on this list, focuses solely on offering electrician services.

Outdoor Lighting Technology

Categories: Electrician

Specializing in lighting, Outdoor Lighting Technology is ideal for those looking for specialized electrical services.

Sleepy Hollar Electric, LLC

Categories: Electrician

Description: Sleepy Hollar Electric, LLC prides itself on undertaking a wide range of residential and commercial electrical projects. They look forward to building long-term relationships with clients and guarantee satisfaction.

A unique selling point for Sleepy Hollar Electric is their customer-focused approach. Their explicit commitment to client satisfaction sets them apart.

Penrose Electrical Service

Categories: Electrician

Penrose Electrical Service provides a range of general electrician services.

A.Q.E.S. Affordable Quality Electrical Service

Categories: Electrician

As the name suggests, Affordable Quality Electrical Service offers electrician services with a focus on affordability without compromising on quality.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s lighting up a new construction project or maintaining the electrical systems of an industrial complex, the electrical contractors in Brevard, North Carolina offer a spectrum of services to meet every need. This community is fortunate to have such a variety of expert service providers, each contributing to the city’s vibrant growth and development.

Written by Mobb

Photo by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash

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