Luxury Vehicle Startups On The Rise in The U.S.

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The luxury vehicle industry has seen a significant increase in demand in 2022. With mega companies like Tesla, Mercedes Benz, and Audi continuing to make major strides in their field, it was only a matter of time before similarly aligned startups began emerging in the market. This assembly of start-ups in the US have big shoes to fill, but the future looks promising for young companies within the luxury auto sector.

Electric Pickup Trucks Pave The Way

According to Auto 123, American electric vehicle company Rivian is making a splash in the luxury auto industry this year. Their R1T electric pickup truck has received plenty of attention for its outstanding repertoire of capabilities, married with surprisingly eloquent design for such a fledgling company. As do most of the luxury vehicle startups in current American business, Rivian has put its razor-sharp focus on exclusively producing electric cars – and in particular, pick-up trucks.

From Tesla’s Cybertruck concept to the Audi AI, electric pickup trucks are quickly becoming a hot topic in luxury auto development. Jake Fisher from CR has described the startup’s R1T as “if Tesla tried to build a Honda Ridgeline”. This further indicates the promise that Rivian seems to have regarding long-term substance and ergonomic design. However, stocks in and out of this startup have been somewhat volatile in recent months, causing skepticism over whether the hype will last.

Sustainable And Electric SUVs

The global SUV market reached new heights in 2021, selling 320 million by the end of the year. This high success rate is partially why some of the biggest luxury vehicle startups in the US have decided to focus on producing them. In 2023, US startup Fisker is scheduled to release the Ocean SUV, a car that’s designed to be the most sustainable SUV on the planet. Many of the materials are sustainably sourced, and the car is projected to sport a solar panel roof that harvests energy from the sun while you drive, producing as much as 1,500 emissions free, clean miles every year.

The young startup’s range of sustainable heavy-duty vehicles are also anticipated to feature high-end catalytic converters that make the engines purr with pride. However, they will be expensive. Some of the market’s other recently developed cars with the expensive catalytic converters include the Ram 2500, Ford Mustang, and Ferrari F430, although none of those luxury cars meets the same sustainability standards as others in their category.

The Wild And Wonderful

In addition to the high demand for practical vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks, several US startups are paying attention to the rising demand for less practical yet technologically supreme supercars. California based Aptera is scheduled to release a car in its name before the end of 2022. The uniquely designed supercar sports wing-like doors that open like flower petals in the sun – which is apt because the entire vehicle is covered in solar panels, eliminating the need to ever recharge.

From the functional to the beautiful, the US certainly has some startups worth your attention in the coming while. Only time will tell of their success.

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