Mental Health Marvels: A Glimpse into Farmington, ME’s Leading Service Providers

August 24, 2023

Evergreen Behavioral Services

Categories: Evergreen Behavioral Services covers an extensive array of services, from mental health clinics to group medical practices, ensuring comprehensive care for its patients.

Tri-County Mental Health Services

Categories: This is a holistic mental health center specializing in addiction and rehabilitation services. Whether it’s information or treatment you seek, Tri-County has you covered.

Duley College Counseling, LLC

Categories: Marrying education with mental health, Duley College Counseling stands out as an educational consultant offering unique mental health services.

Seabold Dan r Dr Psychologist

Categories: Dr. Seabold offers a multitude of services ranging from counseling for families and marriages to mental health practices. As a seasoned psychologist, he brings expertise and understanding to every session.

Braun Joan Counselor

Categories: Joan Braun specializes in counseling services, particularly for families and marriages. With a background as a psychotherapist and mental health practitioner, Joan provides insightful guidance and therapy.

Suzanne Alexis, PMHNP

Categories: Suzanne is a reputable Nurse Practitioner with a specialization in psychiatry. Her expertise brings a unique blend of medical and psychological care.

New Paradigm Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis Services

Categories: Dive into the realm of alternative and holistic healing with New Paradigm’s hypnotherapy services.

Dr. Jeffrey Leonards, PHD

Categories: A psychologist par excellence, Dr. Leonards brings years of expertise and in-depth psychological insights to Farmington’s mental health scene.

Arthur Dingley

Categories: As a seasoned psychiatrist, Arthur Dingley provides comprehensive psychiatric care to the community.

Work First Incorporated

Description: Focusing on the empowerment of individuals with developmental disabilities, Work First Incorporated offers a range of services from employment programs to respite care, making it a beacon of hope in Farmington.

Barbara K Meldrum LCSW

Categories: A licensed clinical social worker, Barbara provides essential mental health and counseling services in Farmington.

Franklin County Hypnosis Center

Categories: Offering alternative routes to mental well-being, this center specializes in hypnotherapy, tapping into the power of the subconscious.

Western Maine Behavioral Health

Categories: Dedicated to serving the mental health needs of Western Maine, this service offers comprehensive mental health care and support.

Helping Hand Counseling

Categories: A blend of social services and counseling, Helping Hand Counseling offers compassionate care to those in need.

Lifeline for ME, LLC

Categories: Lifeline for ME provides a range of mental health services tailored to meet the unique needs of Farmington’s residents.

Farmington, Maine, stands as a testament to the diverse and invaluable mental health services available. Each organization or individual mentioned has a unique role in making mental health care more accessible, effective, and compassionate. The community is indeed fortunate to have such dedicated professionals and institutions supporting its well-being.

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