New York’s Pioneering Analytics Startups Making Waves Across America

January 30, 2024

The analytics industry is rapidly growing, with numerous startups leveraging data to make smarter, more informed business decisions. Amidst all the buzz and competition, few cities have a startup scene as vibrant as New York City. The city, renowned for its global influence in finance, fashion, and culture, is nurturing a new generation of trailblazers in the analytics domain. This article presents some of the most ambitious, unique and innovative analytics startups, born in the Big Apple between 2020 and the present day. They are reshaping the industry’s landscape and setting new standards for data-driven decision making.


Co-founded by Joseph Quan, Knoetic is a networking and SaaS analytics platform focused on Chief People Officers. With a $18M Series A funding under its belt, Knoetic is quickly gaining a reputation as a powerful tool for unifying quantitative and qualitative insights. In addition to analytics, Knoetic also hosts an exclusive, referral-only social network of Chief People Officers, providing an unparalleled platform for collaboration and problem-solving. Connect with them on LinkedIn or find them on Twitter at @Knoetic.

Black Crow AI

Damon Tassone and Richard Harris co-founded Black Crow AI, a sophisticated business analytics platform offering real-time insights and machine learning predictions. They promise to improve new customer acquisition scale and efficiency by 25-50%. You can connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and on Twitter @blackcrowai.

Co-founded by Chris Ibarra and Nicholas Freund, presents a handy solution for teams managing complex, analytical projects. Connect with on LinkedIn and Twitter at @workstreamhq.

Finvar Capnote

Co-founded by Ikenna Ene, Kenneth Huynh, and Pedro Martins, Finvar Capnote is an imperative tool in the financial sector. Finvar’s robust Capnote platform offers investors and financial professionals access to aggregated, interpreted, and analyzed financial data. Connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter @capnote, or give them a like on Facebook.

Theme Analytics

Founded by Peter Wild, Theme Analytics is a trading firm committed to the development and execution of proprietary strategies with positive, risk-adjusted returns. You can network with them on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Alex Damianou, Andrew Chung, and Patrick Russo, OpenAxis is a promising startup in the analytics, journalism, and social impact spaces. Connect with them on LinkedIn. Follow them on Twitter @OpenAxisHQ.


Co-founded by Jared Parker and Patrick Dougherty, Rasgo is devoted to eliminating the metric inconsistencies that give different answers from the same data. Freshly funded, with over $25M Series A through Insight Partners and Unusual Ventures, Rasgo is connecting consumers with standardized business metrics. You can find them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter @RasgoML, and connect with them on Facebook.


Focusing on the oil industry, co-founders Robert Powell and Tian Xu developed AlphaBBL, an analytics startup taking advantage of proprietary algorithms for onshore oil storage measurement. You can find them on LinkedIn and on Twitter @alphabbl.

Founded by Helen Lin, is a promising new startup in the analytics industry. Visit their site to learn more about their upcoming projects.

Icaro Media Group

Co-founded by Paul Feller, Icaro Media Group is a startup specialising in the integration of advertising, analytics, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce industries. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter at @IcaroMG.

Founded by Adilet Sarsembaev, offers a unique tool that adequately provides access to any kind of data that clients need. You can connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter at @databar_ai, and like them on Facebook.

From AI-based analytics to financial analytics, the growing analytics startup scene in New York is varied and innovative. Each startup brings something different to the table and helps pave the future of the analytics industry. Watch this space to see how these exciting startups continue to evolve.

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