New York’s Predictive Analytics Pioneers: Revolutionizing Industries with AI and Data Science

Exploring 15 Cutting-Edge Predictive Analytics Startups Shaping the Future in the Big Apple
December 12, 2023

Cherry Pick

Website: Cherry Pick
Description: Cherry Pick stands at the forefront of product development, offering predictive intelligence solutions. They harness the power of data to inform critical decision-making in product development.


Website: Repetere
Description: Revolutionizing the sales and product mix forecasts, Repetere integrates machine learning and AI to provide automated, data-driven insights for enhanced sales strategies.

Guidance Analytics

Website: Guidance Analytics
Description: Specializing in AI solutions for the healthcare sector, Guidance Analytics focuses on extracting performance data crucial for Medicare payment adjustments.


Website: Atomli
Description: Atomli excels in offering highly accurate sales volume predictions, catering to consumer goods manufacturers and retailers with their advanced predictive models.

SNAGG Software

Website: SNAGG Software
Description: SNAGG Software’s Enterprise SaaS platform is redefining business intelligence by analyzing relationship data to provide unique insights.

Wireless Sensor Solutions

Website: Wireless Sensor Solutions
Description: Pioneering in IoT solutions, Wireless Sensor Solutions offers smart condition monitoring and predictive maintenance through autonomous wireless technology.

Impera Intelligence Group

Website: Impera Intelligence Group
Description: Impera Intelligence Group leads in predictive analytics, providing solutions in corporate due diligence and advanced threat prediction.

Decision Point AI™ Group

Website: Decision Point AI™ Group
Description: Specializing in augmented intelligence, Decision Point AI™ Group aids decision-making processes, especially in scenarios with limited data.


Website: Dartboard
Description: Dartboard emerges as a versatile forecasting platform, catering to trend spotters and number crunchers with its intuitive and powerful tools.

The Dandy Horse, Inc.

Website: The Dandy Horse, Inc.
Description: Focused on eco-friendly solutions, The Dandy Horse, Inc. offers innovative supply-chain management and reporting for carbon-free employee transportation.


Website: mltrons
Description: mltrons empowers organizations to harness advanced machine learning algorithms without the need for coding, democratizing AI technology.

URM Group

Website: URM Group
Description: URM Group provides essential business dynamics management technology and services, optimizing opportunities for a global clientele.

Gainfy Foundation

Website: Gainfy Foundation
Description: At the intersection of healthcare and technology, Gainfy Foundation introduces life-changing technologies for those most in need.

JIFF Solutions, Inc.

Website: JIFF Solutions, Inc.
Description: JIFF Solutions, Inc. offers an end-to-end software platform, optimizing the cannabis retail experience for both consumers and retailers.


Website: Arkatecht
Description: Arkatecht provides digital professional advancement tools, uniquely tailored to meet the needs of working parents.

New York’s predictive analytics sector is bustling with innovation and creativity, as evidenced by these 15 startups. Each company brings a unique approach to harnessing the power of data and AI, proving that the future of industry and technology is bright in the heart of the Big Apple.

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