Orlando’s Rising: Spotlight on US-Based IT Startups in Florida

January 29, 2024

The vibrant city of Orlando in Florida, widely known for its extraordinary tech ecosystem, has become a thriving hotbed for Information Technology startups. With a talent pool that runs deep and a supportive entrepreneurial culture, startups are rediscovering that Orlando is an ideal place to launch their ventures. Let’s take a closer look at some of Orlando’s newest startups in the Information Technology field, all of which have sprung to life in 2020 or later.

These startups, despite their size, are pioneering new market segments, introducing innovative products and services, and challenging the status quo. They are not just surviving, but thriving in a competitive environment, thanks to their strategic leadership, innovative solutions, and exceptional talent.

From Digital Marketing to Cyber Security, from Web Development to Artificial Intelligence – these startups are developing a wide range of innovative technologies. Their solutions are enabling businesses to operate more effectively by leveraging new information technology tools and services. Let’s meet them:


This high-spirited venture, founded by Parth Patel, is a one-stop destination for IT solutions. From digital marketing to website design, Growception offers its services in four different countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, and India. Their handpicked team of professionals aims to excel in every area of IT, providing their clients with a transformative business experience on digital platforms. They also have a presence on social media like Facebook.

Go Remote Cloud

Go Remote Cloud is making its presence known in the cybersecurity domain. The company offers encryption services aimed to secure sensitive data and has developed a unique security orchestration and automation response system. This system aggregates security threats and alerts from various sources and enables automation, allowing faster response times to tackle these threats. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


With a strong presence in the Information Technology industry, Laganoo is also showing some serious expertise in social media marketing and web development. It’s a promising combination that will offer clients a comprehensive solution for their digital marketing needs. For more from Laganoo, check out their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Inspired by its founder Bradley Denn, Orlando-based Havik is bridging the gap between Information Technology and Training. As this space continues to grow, it’s clear Havik is positioned to innovate in a big way. Find more about them on LinkedIn.

Itkawa Technologies

This IT startup also doubles as a recruiting and staffing agency, providing the perfect blend of services. By recruiting and supplying skilled talent in the IT industry, Itkawa Technologies helps other businesses bolster their efficiency and productivity. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more.


Operating in the cyber security and network security domains, Nighthawk aims to provide extensive security services to aid businesses in navigating the threatening landscape of cybercrime. Check out their LinkedIn and Twitter pages to stay updated.


AI startup Kora.ai, founded by Raj Koneru, offers an enterprise virtual assistant and remote support agent that assists employees from wherever they work. With a versatile assistant like Kora, work becomes much more manageable. Get in touch with them through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Another brilliant startup by Raj Koneru is Deflect.ai, aimed to revamp the conventional approach to call center automation. It smartly diverts customer calls to the appropriate virtual assistants or human agents, minimizing call drop rates and wait times. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Varisource is an innovative startup that is disrupting the IT industry with their technology buying and management platform. They assist companies to buy better from a wide range of technology categories and manage their purchases more effectively. Find more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Falcon’s Beyond

Another Orlando-based Information Technology startup, Falcon’s Beyond, operates in the field of Entertainment and Media, offering innovative technology solutions for their clients. To stay updated with their latest offerings and updates, follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Titan Clarity

Providing comprehensive IT workforce solutions, Titan Clarity is proving its worth by aiding businesses with its experienced software engineer resources. They handle several aspects of the information technology, from data to artificial intelligence, to cloud technology. Stay connected with them through LinkedIn and Facebook.

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