Phoenix Rising: Spotlight on US-based Medical Startups from Arizona

January 29, 2024

Phoenix, Arizona is a thriving hub of innovation for many industries, including the medical sector. The city’s vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurial environment has attracted many bright minds and investors, resulting in the emergence of numerous startups. These startups focus on diverse areas within the medical field, including biotechnology, healthcare services, and pharmaceuticals, each seeking to make a substantial impact on patient care and outcomes. They evolve from mere concepts to fully functional businesses driven by ambitious entrepreneurial teams and novel technologies which are redefining the boundaries of medical innovation and pushing forward the frontiers of human health.

In this article, we highlight standout startups in Phoenix, Arizona in the medical industry, all of which were founded in 2020 or thereafter. These companies strive to establish new pathways to health, equipped with game-changing technologies and unique services. Their efforts are enabling improved patient care, fostering health and wellness, and breaking new ground in the arena of medical science.

Keep reading to discover some exciting, innovative startups within the medical field, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, pushing the envelope of what is possible and driving medical innovation towards a brighter, healthier future.

Cellebration Life Sciences

Cellebration Life Sciences is a biotechnology company founded by Anand Srivastava, Bill Deegan, Deven Patel, and Siddharth Bhavsar. The startup administers stem-cell-based therapies that are highly specialized to treat specific degenerative conditions and target the area of concern in rejuvenation therapies. Their ongoing research, including an FDA Clinical Trial for a curative treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, could mean major advancements for degenerative conditions and autoimmune diseases.

Mental Health Center of America

The Mental Health Center of America provides an array of psychiatric and therapeutic services including individual, couples and group counseling, neurofeedback, Biomed, wellness therapies, and telehealth services. Their integrative approach provides comprehensive services for individuals seeking support for various mental health challenges.

The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop is a medical cannabis business that offers a wide variety of flowers, concentrates, cartridges, and more. They deliver consistent services and products for medical cannabis patients, enhancing their health, and wellbeing in the process.


Founded by Jerrod Bailey, Medplace maintains a national network of skilled physicians, nurses, and other medical providers. Their platform allows for easy access to non-clinical consultations such as Medical Case Reviews and Peer Reviews, enhancing the communication and scheduling process.

Ingredient Fusion

Founded by Stephen Durkee, Ingredient Fusion seeks to advance the bioavailability of key nutrients for the body through novel processing and food chemistry. They envision unlocking the potential of food as medicine and ushering in a new era of nutrition.

1606 Corp.

1606 Corp. is a hemp-based product brand under SinglePoint. Their mission is to provide high-quality, smokable hemp products.

Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health Alliance

The Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health Alliance focuses on holistic healthcare, integrating physical and behavioral therapies to create comprehensive wellness solutions.

AZ Care Transport

AZ Care Transport provides non-emergency medical transportation services, ensuring that all people can access healthcare services when they need them.

Gellert Health

Gellert Health, founded by Vivienne Gellert, provides comprehensive healthcare services focusing on both physical and mental health.

Biomaxx Energy Nutrition

Biomaxx Energy Nutrition is working to revolutionize the dietary supplements sector. Their products aim to enhance and sustain health through natural, nutritional avenues.

nVector, Inc.

nVector, Inc., co-founded by Fredric Manfredsson, Ph.D., and Robert Bowser, Ph.D., is developing innovative gene therapy technology that could result in ground-breaking treatments for central nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and traumatic brain injury.

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