Pioneering Craftsmanship: A Showcase of Felton’s Finest General Contractors

A Deep Dive into the Companies Defining Construction Excellence in Felton, California

Mw Construction Company

Mw Construction Company covers a broad spectrum of construction, from single-family housing construction to general contracting. With its extensive list of categories, it is a versatile player in the construction industry.

Castleton Construction

As a dedicated general contractor, Castleton Construction prides itself on executing projects seamlessly from start to finish.

Pontiac Ridge Construction

Specializing in building construction and operative builders, Pontiac Ridge Construction focuses on single-family housing and general construction services, delivering projects that blend aesthetics and functionality.

ECJ Construction

ECJ Construction offers expert general contracting services. This company brings experience and precision to every project, large or small.

Evergreen Construction
From altering & remodeling contractors to building consultants, Evergreen Construction offers a comprehensive range of services. It stands as a beacon of reliability in both residential and commercial building sectors.

Wees Construction

Wees Construction provides an extensive array of services, including general contracting and nonresidential construction, underlining the company’s role as a versatile builder.

Sanctuary Remodeling

Specializing in single-family housing construction, Sanctuary Remodeling lives up to its name by transforming houses into cherished homes through thoughtful remodeling and construction services.

Bourriague Construction

A multidimensional construction company, Bourriague Construction ventures into both residential and commercial sectors, including altering and remodeling contractors.

A Plus Natural Lighting
Known for its specialization in building and remodeling services, A Plus Natural Lighting is a contractor that accentuates the aesthetics and functionality of every project it takes on.

Courtland Construction

Courtland Construction wears many hats—from general contracting to home improvement services, demonstrating its comprehensive approach to building and home care.

Dans Tractor Service
Dans Tractor Service stands out with its unique blend of services, from excavation and environmental equipment to septic tank system installation and maintenance.

Rycon Inc.
With a focus on commercial interior remodeling, interior workspace design, and tenant improvements, Rycon Inc. brings years of experience and client satisfaction to the forefront of its business philosophy.

Cline Contracting Incorporated

Cline Contracting Incorporated is a standout construction company with expertise in building and repairing, specializing in metallic constructions and extensive remodeling services.

Paul Lawton Construction
As a dedicated general contractor, Paul Lawton Construction brings unmatched professionalism and expertise to every project it undertakes.

MCS Construction Co

From single-family housing projects to large-scale construction assignments, MCS Construction Co excels as a general contractor and operative builder, highlighting its commitment to quality and detail.


In Felton, California, a town enriched with natural beauty, the general contractors are known for more than just their constructions—they are pillars of the community. They play a significant role in shaping the character of this beautiful town through their exceptional work, fostering a culture of quality, integrity, and innovation. From single-home projects to commercial ventures, these contractors exemplify the spirit of excellence that is quintessentially Felton.

Please note that not all of the companies provided have public websites available at the time of writing.

Written by Mobb

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