Raleigh’s Health Care Titans: Transforming US Industry Through Innovation

January 27, 2024

Last year, several innovative startups were launched in the US, shaking up their respective industries. Among them, we are shining a spotlight on health care startups that emerged in 2020 or later, based in Raleigh, North Carolina. These companies are revolutionizing the way we approach health and wellness, from advanced cell therapy for cancer treatment to AI-based health diagnostics.

Raleigh, the ‘City of Oaks,’ is renowned for its burgeoning tech and biotech sectors. Combined with strategic geographical location and a supportive environment for startups, Raleigh has become a hotbed for health care startups. Known as the hub of Research Triangle Park, the city boasts premier research institutions, highly skilled talent, and unparalleled resources. 

Here, we have compiled a list of health startups from Raleigh, ranging from Biotechnology, Electronic Health Records (EHR) to Elder Care, that are making an impact within the US. 


Oncurie is harnessing the power of targeted radionuclide therapy to find a cure for metastatic cancer. They use novel molecular radionuclide technology, allowing healthcare providers to selectively deliver radionuclides to metastatic tissues. Thereby, Oncurie aims at enhancing the capabilities of providers to offer effective treatment to their patients.

Gradient Medical

Gradient Medical focuses on developing innovative interventional oncology services that bring ACE therapy to the clinic. Launched in 2020, Gradient Medical is making considerable strides in biotechnology and healthcare in Raleigh.

Truentity Health

Founded by Mike Desai and Rajeev Tipnis, Truentity Health is dedicated to reducing preventable medication errors that affect millions of lives daily. Their comprehensive medication reconciliation solution combines cutting-edge technology with human expertise.


Veranex, created by David W. Dockhorn, serves as an end-to-end, tech-enabled, concept-through-commercialization service provider. Focusing solely on medical technology, Veranex is transforming how medical device clinical trials are run.


iMama is a digital health platform using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support mothers during breastfeeding. Besides, it also helps employers provide lactation support benefits to nursing mothers.

GeneVentiv Therapeutics

GeneVentiv Therapeutics is a pre-clinical gene therapy company focusing on blood diseases and disorders. Their flagship program, GENV-HEM, promises to be the first universal gene therapy treatment for both hemophilias A and B.


AniV8 develops clinical sensor technology to diagnose and monitor diseases affecting companion animals. A novel approach in the pet health care industry, AniV8 is progressing with its dynamic solution.


CareYaya focuses on providing an e-commerce platform within the Elder Care industry. With the growing need for reliable and accessible elder care services, CareYaya is an emerging player in the online portals for health care solutions.

Inceptor Bio

Abe Maingi and Shailesh Maingi’s brainchild, Inceptor Bio, is developing cell therapy solutions for hard-to-treat cancers. With a focus on novel mechanisms, Inceptor Bio is making significant strides in oncology research.

Lucem Health

Lucem Health, founded by Sean Cassidy, is developing a remote diagnostics platform to connect remote patient telemetry and biosensing devices with AI algorithms. The platform focuses on data ingest, orchestration, and connectivity, ensuring optimal health care service for patients.

NIC MAP Vision

NIC MAP Vision is a pioneering healthcare and real estate start-up providing significant insights in these sectors. With a focus on small and medium businesses, NIC MAP Vision leverages technology to ensure optimal service for providers and consumers alike.

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