Revolutionary Miami Healthcare Startups Transforming the US Industry Landscape

January 25, 2024

In recent years, the healthcare industry has experienced a significant shift to incorporate more technological advances. This transformation has been especially prevalent in Miami, a city known for its robust startup community dedicated to making a difference in healthcare. The healthcare startups that emerged in Miami in 2020 have been making waves in their respective areas, contributing to the overall wellbeing of their clients and shaking up the industry as a whole. Let’s take a look at some of these groundbreaking Miami-based startups and what they bring to the healthcare sector.


Founded by Alejandro Serrano Saunders, Carl Yates, Joel Stephano, and Maria de Freitas, uMore is a mental well-being platform that tracks stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s an ideal tool for self-monitoring and has a safe-circle feature which notifies the person’s close associates if their mental health score is low. Its advanced AI system identifies patterns and provides suitable coping mechanisms.

OXYGEN Healthcare

Initiated by Raimonda Pilipaviciute and Yuri Frayman, Oxygen Healthcare serves as a one-stop digital health platform for caregivers. It leverages Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent automation, Robotic Process Automation, real-time patient monitoring and more to deliver customizable individual-centered care.


HealingMaps is a start-up founded by Cory Jones providing reliable information on psychedelic-assisted therapies. Users can use HealingMaps to learn about medical psychedelics and find the nearest clinics offering these therapies.

Guard Medical

Guard Medical is a healthcare startup that focuses on the prophylactic NPWT wound care of closed surgical incisions with their product, NPseal™. It is a perfect example of creative innovation in the medical device industry.


eMed, founded by Patrice A. Harris, is an app that promotes access to healthcare solutions. With relevance growing in an increasingly digitized world, eMed is sure to be an asset in the field of healthcare.

Rehab Boost

Founded by Paul Jaure, Rehab Boost provides body recognition and instant analyses to streamlining therapeutic guidance in real-time.


Feminade, established by Roya Pakzad, is an online service specializing in women’s hormone and reproductive health. By incorporating telehealth and at-home testing services, it offers holistic treatments as part of a comprehensive wellness plan.

AMX Healthcare

Guilherme Macagnan and Jordan Young founded AMX Healthcare. It uses data-driven technological solutions to connect healthcare professionals with employment opportunities while assisting healthcare providers to meet their patient care objectives.

Virtual Psychiatric Care

Virtual Psychiatric Care offers a range of critical mental health services online, including medication management, behavioral issues, counseling services, and more.

COVID Rapid Ab Test

Founded by Kevin Slawin, COVID Rapid Ab Test adds to the growing list of services stepping up to provide crucial health services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Novus Community Services

Novus Community Services provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including psychiatry and group counseling, among other services in the field of rehabilitative and psychological care.

These startups are all proof that Miami is a leading city in producing innovative solutions to tackle healthcare challenges. By harnessing technology and delivering personalized care, they represent the future of healthcare, changing the game and the way patients experience care, one startup at a time.

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