Revolutionary US-Based Architecture Startups Thriving in New York

January 27, 2024

In recent years, New York City has been a hub for a dynamic startup ecosystem, especially in the Architecture industry. Notably, companies that were founded in 2020 or later have been demonstrating remarkable innovation, creativity, and robust business strategies that have set them apart. This article puts the spotlight on the rising stars in Architecture, born in New York City in these challenging times.

We’ll take you through the details of these companies, their founders, their operating industries and provide links to their websites and socials. They are transforming the Architecture space by navigating uncharted territories during these challenging and unpredictable times.

By focusing on what’s new and what’s next, companies like PorchLights, Rolla, Vergo, Vivanti, design with FRANK, and Design with Senses are shaping the future of architecture and design. Here are six companies that deserve your attention.


Operating in the sphere of Architecture, Crowdfunding, Government, Infrastructure, and Smart Cities, PorchLights illustrates progressive city solutions. Unfortunately, the founders are yet to be revealed. Learn more about them here.


Offering services divergent to Architecture, Commercial Real Estate, Interior Design, Photography, Real Estate, Video, and Video Editing, Rolla is taking these industries by storm. The company was founded by Casey McGuire, Jesse Senger, and Joel Walker. Discover more on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Vergo is a community bank that focuses on businesses in the architecture, design, and building industry. Founded by Rich Kane, the company also delves into the realms of Construction, Home Decor, Home Improvement, Home Renovation, Home Services, and Interior Design. Their website and LinkedIn page have more details.


Vivanti Consulting, founded by Tony Nicol, is modernizing the Architecture industry by incorporating the usage of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Data Services, and Machine Learning. Keep up with their latest updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

design with FRANK

Created by Chloe Fan and Gabriel Munnich, design with FRANK is an Internet, Product Design, Real Estate, Social Network, Software, and Web Apps company that also has a strong foothold in Architecture. For more information, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Design with Senses

Design with Senses is a pioneer in the Architecture industry by also venturing into Interior Design and Residential sectors. To know more about them, their website and LinkedIn page have further details.

These emerging companies are redefining the Architecture industry in their innovative and unique ways. Consider this as your guide to the future of Architecture, shaped by these promising New York-based startups.

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