Revolutionizing Analytics: Spotlight on Middletown-based US Startup Innovations

January 3, 2024

The recent years have witnessed the rise of many innovative and remarkable startups in different industries across the United States. Located in the burgeoning city of Middletown are some of the most promising startups in the analytics industry with an inception year of 2020 or later. These new entrants are redefining the landscape of analytics through their creativity, tech-savviness, and tenacity.

Middletown has become a hotspot for startups, offering a favourable business environment and access to a skilled talent pool. These startups defied the odds during a challenging year marked by the global pandemic and have consistently provided groundbreaking solutions to complex business problems.

Here, we profile some of these exciting startups in the analytics space that are headquartered in Middletown and were established in 2020 or later. Each of them in their own unique ways are disrupting the industry through their forward-thinking business models and innovative technologies.


With founders Max Stoiber and Tim Suchanek at the helm, Stellate was born in 2020, steeped in the expertise of information technology, the internet, and analytics. Stellate's mission is to unlock the compounding effects of innovation by removing the inefficiencies of connecting poorly structured and documented APIs. This startup is headquartered in Middletown, Delaware. Connect with Stellate on LinkedIn.

Julius Technologies

Founded by James Lee and Yadong Li, Julius Technologies offers a proprietary low-code platform that creates end-to-end automated, transparent, and flexible Data Science & Analytics systems. The platform, designed for the big data and machine learning realm, enables companies to transform data into actionable insights quickly. Find Julius Technologies on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Under the leadership of founder Mushegh Gevorgyan, is carving its niche in the industry. Established in 2020, it specialises in artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and project management. Connect with on LinkedIn.

Work Mobile

Work Mobile, founded by Mariia Kutkina, operates in the multimodal sphere of advice, analytics, commercial real estate, consulting, and human resources. Connect with Work Mobile on LinkedIn, Facebook, and via their Twitter handle.


Datrics, founded by Anton Vaisburd, Kirill Kirikov, and Volodymyr Sofinskyi, is an AI and machine learning platform designed for both professionals and non-practitioners. It lets you do experiments, prototyping, and self-service analytics faster. Connect with Datrics on LinkedIn, Facebook, and via their Twitter handle.


Founded by Rajasekar Ragavan, DataMyth is a SaaS based reporting software that aids digital marketers in building reports and automating analysis tasks. Connect with DataMyth via LinkedIn, Facebook, and their Twitter handle.


Established by Givi Chkhartishvili, Hapttic is an innovative internet intelligence and analytics platform that allows stakeholders to examine and respond to activities registered on online channels and digital domains. Connect with Hapttic on LinkedIn and via their Twitter handle.


Instadeq, led by founders Javier Dall' Amore and Mariano Guerra, is a NoCode data analysis and visualization web application. It enables non-technical knowledge workers to create and share visualizations. Connect with Instadeq via Facebook and their Twitter handle.

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