Revolutionizing B2B: Spotlight on Innovative New York Based US Startups

January 28, 2024

As the epicenter of innovation and startups, New York is the breeding ground for a number of exciting new B2B startups. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020, these startups have shown resilience and adaptability in addressing the evolving needs of businesses. This article will spotlight some startups based in New York City that were established in or after 2020. We will delve into their unique offerings, industry sectors they operate in, and the talented individuals behind them.


Industry: Enterprise Software, Marketing, Sales, B2B, Software

Founded by Chris Hoyle, Neil McLean, and Randy Frank, Navattic is a startup designed with intent to enable sales and marketing teams to create interactive product tours. Stay updated with them through their LinkedIn page.


Industry: B2B, Fashion, Marketplace

Fashinza is an AI-driven B2B marketplace launched by Abhishek Sharma, Jamil Ahmad, and Pawan Gupta. It juxtaposes trend forecasting and sourcing to help fashion brands and retailers. To keep tabs on them, follow their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Industry: B2B, Marketing, Sales, Software

The creation of Chris Lonardo, James Weitzman, and Jordan Josloff, 1sm operates within the B2B, Marketing, Sales, and Software industry. For updates, check out their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

TruAnon digital identity

Industry: B2B, Identity Management, Privacy, Public Safety, Social Network

TruAnon, founded by Jesse Tayler, offers privacy-conscious alternatives to credential verification online. To learn more about them, visit their LinkedIn page.


Industry: B2B, Product Design, Sales

EvolveBPM provides services ranging from email to telemarketing, webinars, and display ad services. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.


Industry: Artificial Intelligence, B2B, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Personalization

Fatima Awan leads Finiite, a startup focused on using Artificial Intelligence for B2B applications. Stay updated by checking their Facebook and LinkedIn page.


Industry: Apps, B2B, Communications Infrastructure, CRM, Information Technology, Marketing Automation, SaaS, Unified Communications

Founded by Collins Iheagwara, Kolawole Balogun, and Tioluwani Kolawole, Simpu is an omnichannel CRM solution for businesses. Connect with them through their Facebook and LinkedIn page.


Industry: B2B, Marketing, SaaS, Sales, Software

Helmed by Birendra Gosai, MoentizeGTM is set up to enable seamless collaboration between sales teams across partner organizations. For more details, visit their LinkedIn page.

Industry: B2B, Machine Learning, Marketing, SaaS, Software

Established by Dmitry Popov and Konstantin Bayandin, uses predictive targeting and optimization to assist businesses with programmatic advertising. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Industry: Artificial Intelligence, B2B, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Software

Founded by Al Eisaian, Sergey Hlghatyan, and Tigran Gularyan, Cognaize provides actionable intelligence from unstructured data in the financial services sector. Stay updated with them through their Facebook and LinkedIn page.


Industry: B2B, E-Commerce, Flowers, Retail

Nordblooms, founded by Isabelle Back, is a premium florist offering bio-preserved flowers with Scandinavian design inclined towards eco-friendly practices. Learn more on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

New York continues to be a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship. Each of these promising B2B ventures, born out of adversity in 2020 or later, is a testament to the enduring spirit of American entrepreneurship and a contributor to the dynamism and vibrancy of New York’s startup ecosystem.

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