Revolutionizing Education: NYC-Based Startups Determined to Make a Difference

January 29, 2024

It’s an exciting time for educational innovation in New York City with the recent surge of startups focused on reshaping the future of learning. This wave of entrepreneurial energy emerged in response to the modern world’s academic needs, particularly those highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This article will highlight noteworthy traditionally and technologically driven educational startups based in New York City, each contributing to the education industry in its unique way.

These startups stand out for their innovative approaches to leveraging technology, reimagining education and extending its reach. Founded in 2020 or later, they embody the spirit of entrepreneurial innovation that New York City is renowned for. Each listed startup is detailed with a bio and relevant links, bringing to the forefront their unique contributions to the education industry.

From online live enrichment programs to high-tech childcare solutions, from e-learning platforms to fun and immersive learning adventures for children, these startups embody the variety and richness of modern educational tech. Here are the startups shaping the future of education in New York City.

Tutored by Teachers

Co-founded by Shaan Akbar, Tutored by Teachers provides quality online education by matching students with certified teachers. The EdTech startup aims to close the achievement gap, increase teacher income, and expand access to disadvantaged communities.


Co-founded by Damian Kimmelman and Miss Megan S, Batelle is a high-tech childcare startup. The company’s mission is to support children on their path to lifelong resiliency and learning through high-tech solutions that foster a safe, nurturing environment for child development.


Started by Brian Tobal and Joseph Connor, SchoolHouse, offers families an opportunity to set up at-home, in-person Learning Pods to facilitate students’ learning, socializing, and development.


Kambeo is a social impact platform that seeks to promote community engagement and social responsibility. The company provides digital tools for charities and non-profits and allows businesses to demonstrate their commitment to environmental and social initiatives.


Co-founded by Hunter McGranahan and Mark Murtagh, Forte uses video conferencing to enhance online music education, aiming to broaden access to quality music teachers worldwide.


Broadening the reach of after-school enrichment programs, Classover offers live online classes taught by state-certified instructors on a wide array of subjects for children aged 4 to 12 and beyond.


Co-founded by Kwasi Oppong-Badu, Michael MacKay, and Uday Singh, Epihub creates computer platforms for automating student assessments. The system scales one-on-one instruction and backward design, which enables more efficient teaching styles.


Teeread is an E-learning platform that supports students in enhancing their reading fluency and comprehension, giving them the tools to rectify their reading deficits.


Co-founded by Carson Cohen, ToDue is a SaaS that enhances organizational skills during e-learning. It allows students and teachers to consolidate class links, homework, schedules, and reminders in one convenient hub.


Founded by Lyndsey Wheeler and Rachel Breitenwischer, Supernow is an edutainment company providing live interactive classes for creative children. Rooted in a rich blend of subjects, Supernow’s mission is to educate, entertain and connect kids globally.


Co-founded by Michael Scissons and Prannoy Nambiar, Bansho offers live learning that helps children develop confidence while providing parents the means to actively participate in their child’s learning journey.

The future of education is innovative, inclusive, and interactive, and these New York-based startups are at the forefront, shaping how we approach teaching and learning for the next generation.

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