Revolutionizing Financial Services: Delaware’s Innovative Startups

Unveiling the Next Generation of Financial Services Companies in Delaware


Delaware, known for its favorable business climate, is home to a dynamic ecosystem of startups that are disrupting the financial services industry. In this article, we explore 15 innovative companies that are reshaping the way people manage their money, invest, and transact. From digital banking and blockchain-based platforms to payment gateways and decentralized finance, these startups are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide convenient, secure, and accessible financial services. Join us as we dive into the world of Delaware’s financial services startups and uncover the future of finance.

Moves: Empowering Gig Workers with Banking App Ownership

Website: Moves

Description: Moves is a banking app designed to make gig workers feel like owners, providing them with essential financial services tailored to their needs.

Grey: Bridging Borders with Virtual Global Bank Accounts

Website: Grey

Description: Grey offers virtual global bank accounts to Africans, enabling free foreign payments and currency conversions, fostering financial inclusivity.

Perennial Labs: Revolutionizing Derivatives Trading with DeFi

Website: Perennial Labs

Description: Perennial Labs is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that facilitates secure and transparent trading of derivatives.

Bloom: Mobile Banking App Redefining Financial Services

Website: Bloom

Description: Bloom is a mobile banking app that delivers innovative financial services and products, empowering users with seamless money management.

Thepeer: Unleashing Business Potential with API Infrastructure

Website: Thepeer

Description: Thepeer offers API infrastructure for businesses, enabling them to unlock new possibilities and enhance their financial operations.

Glade Inc: Revolutionizing Financial Technology in Africa

Website: Glade Inc

Description: Glade Inc is a financial technology company driving digital innovation in Africa, providing cutting-edge solutions and services.

Lazerpay: Blockchain-Based Global Payment Gateway

Website: Lazerpay

Description: Lazerpay is a blockchain-based payment gateway that simplifies global payments for businesses and merchants, ensuring secure transactions.

Umoja Labs: Blockchain-Powered Payments for Informal Markets

Website: Umoja Labs

Description: Umoja Labs leverages blockchain technology to create a payments platform specifically designed for informal markets, fostering financial inclusion.

Kindur Services Inc.: Making Retirement Planning Accessible

Website: Kindur Services Inc.

Description: Kindur Services Inc. makes smart retirement planning more accessible, empowering individuals to retire with confidence and peace of mind.

Octamile: Simplifying Insurance Access and Protection

Website: Octamile

Description: Octamile is an insurtech business that simplifies access to insurance and protects Africans from financial loss through innovative solutions.

Rigor: Decentralized Lending and Construction Payment Coordination

Website: Rigor

Description: Rigor decentralizes lending and coordinates payment flows within construction logistics, bringing transparency and efficiency to the industry.

Exirio: Consolidating Wealth Management in One Place

Website: Exirio

Description: Exirio offers a comprehensive wealth tracking solution, enabling individuals to manage all their assets in a single platform.

Blackcopper: Financial Services for Investment, Loans, and Payments

Website: Blackcopper

Description: Blackcopper provides a range of financial services, including investment opportunities, business loans, and lifestyle payments.

Recepta: Streamlining Digital Receipts for Card Transactions

Website: Recepta

Description: Recepta automates the creation and collection of digital receipts for all card transactions, simplifying expense tracking and reconciliation.

Kyvu: Empowering Salaried Employees with Innovative Financial Services

Website: Kyvu

Description: Kyvu offers salaried employees a suite of financial services, including NFT creation, short-term loans, credit scores, and Visa cards.


Delaware’s financial services startups are reshaping the future of finance with their innovative solutions and disruptive technologies. From empowering gig workers and revolutionizing cross-border payments to facilitating decentralized finance and reimagining retirement planning, these companies are transforming the way individuals and businesses manage their finances. As Delaware continues to foster a thriving startup ecosystem, these financial services startups are at the forefront of driving financial inclusivity, transparency, and efficiency. Watch out for these trailblazing startups as they redefine the boundaries of finance and shape the industry for years to come.

Written by Mobb

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