Revolutionizing Healthcare: New York’s Top Medical Startups in America

January 30, 2024

In the heart of New York, the medical industry is buzzing with energy and innovation as new startups emerge to tackle the numerous challenges and opportunities in healthcare. As such, in this article, we’ll explore remarkable startups, whose inception was in 2020 or later, based out of New York City, in the medical industry. These promising companies are pushing the boundaries of medical technology and healthcare systems, offering unique and effective solutions in the realms of therapeutics, mental healthcare, and medical devices.

These startups underline the resilience and inventiveness of New York City’s healthcare ecosystem even amid challenging times. From online psychiatry practice catered especially for women to state-of-the-art platforms transforming mental healthcare accessibility—the future of healthcare shines brightly in the hands of these entrepreneurs. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of medical and healthcare fields, these companies are truly transforming lives and setting new industry standards.

Let’s delve in to spotlight these groundbreaking startups that have risen amidst the pandemic and are already making a significant impact in their sectors.

Grow Therapy

Fundamentally transforming mental healthcare accessibility is at the core of Grow Therapy’s mission. They empower therapists to launch and manage thriving in-network private practices, consequently making quality mental healthcare affordable for everyone. Since its launch in 2020, it has swiftly raised over $15M from top-level investors. The company was founded by Harvard Medical School, Stripe, and Blackstone alumni — Alan Ni and Jake Cooper.

Journey Clinical

Journey Clinical is a platform offering services to member psychotherapy practices that are independently owned and operated. Founders, Jonathan Sabbagh and Myriam Barthes, are dedicated to providing mental health clinicians the autonomy to direct their care without interference.


Offering much-needed consultations on appropriate medical services, Chapter was founded by Cobi Blumenfeld-Gantz, Corey Metzman, and Vivek Ramaswamy. Despite the all-too-common confusion over medical card programs and benefits, Chapter offers precise, personal advice to people based on their individual situations.

Cadence Solutions

Christopher Altchek and Kareem Zaki are the founders behind this pioneering health technology company, Cadence Solutions. They’re helping America’s largest health systems deliver world-class care outside the traditional hospital environment.

Juno Medical

Juno Care is a whole-family healthcare platform founded by Akili Hinson, Alex Bargar, and Desmond Morris. They are committed to providing modern open-access care for every family’s healthcare needs.


MedArrive is a MedTech startup connecting a workforce of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals to patients from their homes and within their existing health systems. This innovative platform was founded by Dan Trigub and Inna Plumb in 2020, focusing on improving outcomes and reducing costs.


Minded, founded by Chris Dennis, David Ronick, and Gaspard de Dreuzy, is the leading online psychiatry practice for women, committed to providing mental health care which can be accessible from the comfort of home.

Yes Hearing

Yes Hearing, founded by Sam Shear and Oliver Philips, offers a suite of hearing aid accessories alongside home visit therapy and remote care. Making it much simpler and more accessible for those with hearing impairments to get the help they need.

Gennao Bio

Founded by Bruce Turner, Dr. Peter Glazer, MD, PhD, Elias Quijano, and Stephen Squinto, Gennao Bio is a genetic medicines company developing first-in-class targeted nucleic acid therapeutics. Their focus lies in significant unmet needs in oncology and rare monogenic skeletal muscle diseases.


76Bio, started by Christopher Wilfong, K. Dane Wittrup, and Marius Pop, is a biotech company developing life-saving therapies for life-threatening diseases. The company is pioneering targeted protein degraders to precisely engineer medicines for people in need.

Reset Pharmaceuticals

Reset Pharma is an emerging biotechnology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of novel psychedelic treatments for life-threatening illnesses. They operate an innovative program focusing on the use of psilocybin with psychotherapy for patients with cancer-related mental health issues.

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