Revolutionizing Healthcare: Promising New York-Based US Startups to Watch

January 25, 2024

As American society continues to grapple with the pressures applied by the ongoing pandemic, the role of the health care industry as an essential service provider has never been more significant. In this spirit, many startups born in 2020 are driving innovation in health care, using technology and fresh perspectives to revolutionize patient care. In this feature, we showcase several startups from New York, New York, making waves in this critical sector.

From harnessing data science to optimizing mental health accessibility, developing user-friendly sexual health test kits, and even breaking new ground in pet care, these startups are transforming the health care landscape. Each encapsulates a unique vision and addresses a unique sector within the industry, but the common thread is a shared commitment to improving health care accessibility and efficacy for the end user.

The following New York-based startups, each impressive in its innovation and ambition, stood out as the top performers in the past year, highlighting their business models, mission, achievements, and their commitment to changing health care for the better for all Americans.

Pearl Health

Led by Ankit Patel, Jeff De Flavio, and Michael Kopko, Pearl Health focuses on helping primary care providers enhance their patient care. Launched in 2020, the startup uses data science to determine which patients require the most care, enabling providers to deliver more proactive and personalized treatments. Visit them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Grow Therapy

Co-founded by Alan Ni and Jake Cooper, Grow Therapy is an entrepreneurial venture aiming to improve mental health accessibility. Grow Therapy supports therapists in creating flourishing in-network private practices. They can be found on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

TBD Health

TBD Health, co-founded by Daphne Chen, Sherwin Lu, and Stephanie Estey, makes convenient at-home STD/STI screening kits with women in mind. You can learn more about them on Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Journey Clinical

Founded by Jonathan Sabbagh and Myriam Barthes, Journey Clinical provides services to independent psychotherapy practices, with no influence over the healthcare clinicians providing care. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Included Health

Founded by Colin Quinn, Joshua Riff, and Owen Tripp, Included Health targets universal accessibility in healthcare. They specialize in leveraging technology to address the challenges of American healthcare. Catch up with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Cobi Blumenfeld-Gantz, Corey Metzman, and Vivek Ramaswamy, Chapter provides insightful recommendations for various medical services. Stay updated on Facebook, or the LinkedIn page.

The Vets

The Vets, established by Daniel Sagis, Dori Fussmann, and Shmuel Chafets, is a pioneering platform providing comprehensive pet care services. Discover more about this startup on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Cadence Solutions

Founded by Christopher Altchek and Kareem Zaki, Cadence Solutions uses innovative technology to help large health systems deliver superior care beyond hospital walls. Learn more on their LinkedIn page.

Juno Medical

Co-founded by Akili Hinson, Alex Bargar, and Desmond Morris, Juno Care provides comprehensive healthcare services for the entire family. You can discover more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Aakash Shah and Manan Shah founded Wyndly to battle allergies by providing effective, personalized, prescription treatments along with superior online care. Connect with them on Twitter, and their LinkedIn page.

Modern Age

Modern Age, initiated by Melissa Eamer, is a wellness platform focused on making the journey of aging more manageable. Discover more about them on their LinkedIn page.

As their work unfolds, the startups introduced here will continue transforming the health care sector, making a significant impact on improving patient care. By embracing revolutionary ideas and technologies, they are setting new standards within the industry and going a long way to ensuring better health outcomes for many Americans.

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