Revolutionizing Information Technology: Innovative Houston-Based US Startups Making Waves

January 30, 2024

In the heart of Texas lies a burgeoning hub of innovation and technological development – Houston. Despite the impacts of the global pandemic, several bold and innovative technology startups have risen to prominence after launching in 2020 or later. These startups, span a variety of sectors, including healthcare, IT consulting, and employment, proving that Houston is a hotbed for startup activity. The following list of companies demonstrates why Houston is a city that should not be overlooked when it comes to identifying the next big thing in the tech world:

Our first Houston gem is none other than RepeatMD, a financial technology company providing unique patient engagement solutions to clients in the healthcare market. Founded by Philipp Sitter, this startup offers a stellar software suite that drives referrals and automates patient retention, crucial features in the healthcare industry, particularly for those in the cosmetic surgery market.

Moving to the realm of blockchain and distributed systems, Kurtosis is a game-changing developer experience for building, testing, and running distributed systems. Kurtosis was established in 2020 in Houston, Texas, and since then has been steadily growing in the crypto application development industry.

Founded by Ashvin Dewan and Pamela Singh, the next company on our list, CaseCTRL, is striking the perfect blend of artificial intelligence and healthcare. CaseCTRL’s AI-powered platform improves surgical scheduling and management, streamlining the process and improving patient care by effectively tracking metrics and automating surgical workflows. is next up on our Houston startup tour. Founded by Josh Teekell, this startup offers a unique, proactive approach to HVAC & plumbing maintenance through an IoT platform. The platform delivers real-time updates to homeowners and contractors, helping prevent potential breakdowns or water leaks.


A creation of Philipp Sitter, RepeatMD operates in the CRM, Health Care, and Information Technology space. Their specialty is fintech and patient engagement solutions, which drives patient referrals and retention, essential features in the cosmetic surgery and general healthcare market.


Established in 2020, Kurtosis has carved a niche for itself in the distributed crypto applications development industry. Equipped with a robust end-to-end developer tool system, Kurtosis offers an unrivaled experience for building, testing, and running distributed systems.


Co-founded by Ashvin Dewan and Pamela Singh, CaseCTRL‘s AI-driven platform refines surgical scheduling, boosting both revenues and patient care. Its superior strategy to engage patients and tracking metrics has made it a lynchpin in the healthcare space.

Brought to life by Josh Teekell, offers a groundbreaking proactive HVAC & plumbing maintenance platform. With its IoT prowess, helps homeowners and contractors avert potential breakdowns or water leaks.


Euphree, a startup operating in the Electric Vehicle and Information Technology sector, was founded by Daniel Basaldua. Further details about its operations and services are currently undisclosed.

Deft Sales

At the intersection of Information Technology and Lead Generation lies Deft Sales. Co-founded by Brendan Brown, Hunter Wright, and James Fason, the company details are currently undisclosed.


SeekerPitch brings an innovative approach to job application processes by adding an extra layer of depth to conventional resumes. Through detailed profiles and virtual speed interviews, business connect with Millennial and Gen Z talent, enabling hiring managers to make smarter judgments.

Pro Software

Operating in the Finance, Information Technology, and Software industries, Pro Software details are currently undisclosed.


Merchstack a startup in the e-commerce and online portal sector details are currently undisclosed.


TalentVerse is an IT staff augmentation company deploying AI-powered technology to perfectly match companies with remote-based software developers. With a vast database and efficient AI screening, TalentVerse fills job roles in record time, delivering positive ROI within weeks.

Multi Technology

Multi Technology offers a wide range of services including backup, disaster recovery, cloud services, and server migration. With strategic consulting and IT management services, they are a valuable ally in the consulting and cybersecurity realm.

This broad selection of startups—with their uniqueness and innovation—are driving forces in the Houston technology ecosystem. Houston is indeed a rising star in the US startup scene, and its influence and impact are set to expand far beyond Texas’s borders.

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