Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Spotlight on Dallas-Based US Startup Innovators

January 27, 2024

This series delves into the innovative and diverse world of startups in the United States. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on startup companies launched in 2020 or later that operate in the manufacturing sector, and calling Dallas, Texas, their home. These trailblazing businesses range from rocket engine manufacturers to healthcare technology creators, addressing a variety of needs and demands in the market.

The manufacturing industry has evolved vastly with technological advancements. Today it’s not just about large production lines; it’s also about 3D printing, chemical engineering, building materials, medical devices, and so much more. These companies are reimagining how things are made, how they function, and how they can affect the world – all from the heart of Dallas.

In today’s article, we’re highlighting the companies breaking new ground in the manufacturing industry. Their innovative ideas and solutions are changing the landscape of manufacturing and setting new standards for future businesses. Please note that each company name is a URL to their website.

Firehawk Aerospace

Ronald Jones, Steve Edwards, and Will Edwards founded Firehawk Aerospace, a rocket engine manufacturer. Its specialties are in 3D Printing, Aerospace, Chemical Engineering, Manufacturing, National Security, and Space Travel. Be sure to check them out on LinkedIn.


PlantSwitch, co-founded by Dillon Baxter and Maxime Blandin, created a breakthrough proprietary cellulose technology that reduces cost and increase sustainability. They are about to launch their first commercial production facility. Catch up with them on LinkedIn or Facebook.


StoneCoat, a company focused on developing sustainable green building materials that are 90% more carbon-friendly. Their patented product is a handcrafted blown limestone that can be formed into any structure. Check them out on LinkedIn and Facebook.


HermTac provides design, engineering, prototype and manufacturing for consumer and healthcare technology products. They can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on Twitter @hermtac.

Pivotal Biologics

Pivotal Biologics transforms cutting-edge research in human biology into products that enhance the healing environment. They are committed to the highest standards of product development and safety. Get connected to them through LinkedIn.

Avenue Home

Avenue Home operates in the Furniture, Manufacturing, and Product Design arena. See their latest developments on Facebook.

Brothers Cabinetry Company

Brothers Cabinetry Company stands out for its craftsmanship in creating shaker cabinet doors, offering a perfect blend of style and durability. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

RAD BIO Technologies

RAD BIO Technologies operates within the Health Care, Manufacturing, and Medical Device sectors. Find out more about the company on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Sneeze Defense

Sneeze Defense is an innovative venture in the manufacturing industry. Learn more about them on their Facebook page.

Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Nicolan Healthcare is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company. They offer a range of medicines and operate with outstanding skills, expertise, and cGMP-approved processes. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter @nicolancare.

Roman 413

Roman 413 stands out in the health care, manufacturing, and personal health sector as a maker of plant-based pelvic health products.

These companies represent the vibrant startup community found in Dallas, Texas, showing the range of innovative ideas and diligent work that is taking place in the manufacturing sector.

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