Revolutionizing the Game: Seattle’s Dynamic Sports Startups

Exploring the innovative sports companies shaping the sports landscape in Seattle


Seattle is a city known for its passionate sports culture and innovation-driven mindset. In this article, we dive into the world of sports startups and showcase 15 exciting companies that are redefining the sports industry in the Emerald City. From fan engagement platforms and AI-powered analytics to sailing instrumentation and sports gear rentals, these startups are leveraging technology and entrepreneurship to transform the way we experience and participate in sports. Join us as we explore the vibrant sports startup scene in Seattle and discover the game-changing innovations taking place in the city.

FanWide: Connecting Sports Fans Everywhere

Website: FanWide

Description: FanWide is a free website and app that connects sports fans with fan clubs and game watch parties, fostering camaraderie among fans from every team and city.

Boost: AI-Powered Insights for Sports Teams

Website: Boost

Description: Boost utilizes AI-powered analytics to provide teams and coaches with comprehensive insights for enhanced performance and strategic decision-making.

Vakaros: Redefining Sailing Instrumentation

Website: Vakaros

Description: Vakaros combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design to revolutionize sailing instrumentation, empowering sailors with precise and reliable data.

SportsTrace: AI Video Automation for Athletes and Coaches

Website: SportsTrace

Description: SportsTrace leverages AI video automation to provide athletes and coaches with valuable insights, enabling them to analyze performance and make data-driven decisions.

Rep the Squad: Subscription-Based Sports Jersey Borrowing

Website: Rep the Squad

Description: Rep the Squad offers a subscription service that allows sports fans to borrow expensive, authentic jerseys, providing a cost-effective way to show support for their favorite teams.

MatchPoint: Modernizing Competition Coordination

Website: MatchPoint

Description: MatchPoint is a platform that simplifies and coordinates competitions among friends, enabling them to organize and engage in sports activities effortlessly.

Ballard Football Club: Hyper-Local Soccer Club

Website: Ballard Football Club

Description: Ballard Football Club is a hyper-local soccer club dedicated to fostering a sense of community and promoting the sport at the grassroots level.

Seattle Kraken: Seattle’s Professional Hockey Team

Website: Seattle Kraken

Description: The Seattle Kraken is the official professional hockey team of Seattle, bringing the excitement of the NHL to the city.

Maiden AI: Engaging Data and Video Analysis Tools for Athletes

Website: Maiden AI

Description: Maiden AI utilizes computer vision technologies to develop innovative data and video analysis tools that empower athletes worldwide.

Tally: Deepening Engagement around Live Events

Website: Tally

Description: Tally is a mobile tech platform that enhances engagement and interaction during live events, providing an immersive experience for fans.

FriendWithA: Peer-to-Peer Sports Gear Rental Marketplace

Website: FriendWithA

Description: FriendWithA is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that connects creatives and adventure enthusiasts, allowing them to share the sports gear they love.

ZELOS: Empowering Competitive Communities with Performance Analytics

Website: ZELOS

Description: ZELOS empowers competitive communities through state-of-the-art performance analytics, personalized content, and multi-channel media pipelines.

Seattle Sports Commission: Uniting the Region through Sports

Website: Seattle Sports Commission

Description: The Seattle Sports Commission fosters a strong sports culture by bringing world-class sporting events to Seattle and uniting the region through sports.

Viva Fit: Affordable Personalized Health Coaching

Website: Viva Fit

Description: Viva Fit makes science-backed, empathetic, personalized health coaching accessible and affordable for everyone, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.

Pickup Evolution: Connecting Athletes for Competitive Pickup Games

Website: Pickup Evolution

Description: Pickup Evolution is a powerful platform that connects athletes in the city, allowing them to compete and connect in various sports through organized pickup games.


Seattle’s sports startup ecosystem is thriving with innovation and passion. These 15 remarkable companies are at the forefront of transforming the sports industry through technological advancements and creative solutions. From empowering fans and athletes to revolutionizing data analytics and promoting community engagement, these startups are shaping the future of sports in Seattle and beyond. With their drive for innovation and dedication to improving the sports experience, these companies exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Emerald City.

Written by Mobb

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