Rising Boston-Based Advertising Startups Transforming the US Market Landscape

January 27, 2024

The world of digital advertising has evolved quickly in recent years, with new technology and algorithms reshaping traditional advertising models. Boston, Massachusetts is home to some of the most innovative advertising startups in the US. In today’s article, we feature a selection of these promising startups that have been founded in 2020 or later. These fresh Boston-based companies are pioneering new strategies, techniques and technologies in marketing & advertising.

These startups serve a diverse range of sectors within the digital advertising industry, from the traditional SEO and digital marketing to more niche areas like outdoor advertising and programmatic ad buying. The landscape for startups is competitive and full of opportunities for innovation. Nicely tucked in the fast-paced East Coast competition, these Boston-based startups continue to excel in Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing among other sectors.

Let’s take a look at some of these fresh, innovative startups that are making waves and shaping the future of the advertising industry.


AdaptMX creates enterprise software for brands, agencies, DSPs, SSPs, and publishers in the advertising, digital media, and publishing industries. Flaunting one of the industry’s most diverse datasets of identity signals, its intelligence engine generates accurate programmatic data that assists media buyers in making more efficient and statistically proven purchasing decisions. Linkedin


GenRevv provides a broad scope of services including SEO, google adwords, adobe creative suite, videography, 3D printing, real estate investing, life coach, business coach, executive coach, health and wellness, youtube, instagram, B2B marketing, B2B, B2C marketing, B2C, online course, community management, and lead generation. Linkedin

Leading Lights

Founded by Rick Kenney, Leading Lights is a Boston-based advertising startup operating in the digital marketing sphere.Linkedin

Birch Social

Birch transforms small businesses into imaginative brands that tell worldbuilding stories. Founded by Nathan Bishop, they specialize in all things social media and Gen Z. Birch is innovative in its approach to brand transformation, and is quickly gaining traction in the advertising industry. Facebook | Linkedin

The Luxurist Method

The Luxurist Method provides advertising services including search engine optimization services, branding, copywriting, and analytics tag management strategy services. It caters to customer inquiries through email and online applications. Facebook | Linkedin


AceLumin is a versatile startup working in sectors like accounting, advertising, advice, marketing, outsourcing. Facebook | Linkedin


JungleTopp delivers a plethora of services such as content marketing, PPC, ad management, social media management, digital marketing, chatbot marketing, website development, social media marketing, facebook advertising, messenger marketing, drone marketing, chatbot development, and search engine optimization services. Facebook | Linkedin


OneScreen.AI who was founded in 2020 by Andrei Oprisan, Greg Wise, Sam Mallikarjunan, features buy and sell target out-of-home advertising with data, ease, and accuracy. It specializes in the fields of marketing, information technology, and online marketplace. Facebook | Linkedin


BidMind, an omnichannel programmatic advertising platform, delivers ads across digital out-of-home (DOOH), digital audio, connected TV (CTV/OTT), mobile, desktop. This startup helps brands and agencies launch performance-driven campaigns, offering a suite of industry-leading targeting capabilities. BidMind is available as both a self-service and managed service platform, and as a white-label solution for agencies and advertisers ready to become tech vendors. Facebook | Linkedin

Fuel Momentum

Fuel Momentum, founded by Eric Marcelino, is making its mark in the advertising industry. Linkedin

TheeDigital Boston

TheeDigital Boston is an award-winning web design and internet marketing agency with offices in the Back Bay of Boston. Founded by Richard Horvath, they specialize in WordPress development, SEO, and comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Serving all of New England since 2004. Facebook | Linkedin

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