Rising New York-Based US Startups Shaping the Real Estate Industry

January 25, 2024

The vibrant city of New York is not new to innovations and start-ups, but what’s catching the eye lately is the emerging class of real estate start-ups incorporated in 2020 or later. They are carving a niche in the vast enterprise ecosystem by integrating the impressive prowess of technology with the promise of real estate. Their innovative approaches offer incredible facilities and opportunities for property seekers, owners, and investors alike. Let’s delve into some of these trailblazing start-ups that are shaping the future of the real estate industry in New York City.

Welcome Homes

Welcome Homes, co-founded by Alec Hartman, Ben Uretsky, Jesse Mauro, and Marc Hartman, is revolutionizing the real estate industry by allowing home buyers to traverse the entire home construction process online — from land selection to customization to construction. The firm’s innovative platform simplifies the complex home buying process, making modern, beautifully-designed homes accessible to all. Welcome Homes comes with a strong digital presence and is an active member on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Stuf, a next-generation self-storage startup co-founded by Adam Demuyakor, Andrew Balogh, Atit Jariwala, and Atit Jariwala, ingeniously caters to storage needs while also introducing the real estate industry to the power of space monetization. Partnering with real estate owners, this startup turns underused spaces in commercial buildings into cash flow opportunities, creating new neighborhood amenities along the way. You can engage with the Stuf community on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Parcl is a New York-based real estate start-up operating on an advanced Blockchain protocol. Co-founded by Stephen Robinson and Trevor Bacon, Parcl aims at redefining the real estate industry by integrating cutting-edge blockchain technology and developing a decentralized property dealing system. You can connect with the company on LinkedIn.


The Praxis Society is applying technology towards building smart, autonomous cities. Founded by Charlie Callinan and Dryden Brown, their platform uses human-centric design principles to create living spaces that encourage healthier and more purposeful living. The company is headquartered in New York and can be followed on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Humming Homes

Humming Homes, founded by Kevin Ryan, Adeel Mallick, and Kyle Carnes, is offering homeowners the luxury of time, money, and energy which usually gets consumed in home maintenance. They are disrupting the traditional real estate space by providing access to the best vendors, thereby making project execution smooth, efficient, and hassle-free. Further details about the company can be found on its LinkedIn page.


Cityline is an innovative real estate start-up that makes property renting as effortless as booking a hotel room. They integrate data science and predictive intelligence to optimize property management and improve portfolio performance. From instant applicant screening to providing valuable insights to investors, Cityline is reshaping the rental space in real estate. Their presence on social media includes Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pronto Housing

Pronto, co-founded by Christine Wendell and KC Crosby, simplifies housing compliance for property owners and renters. Their platform offers a quick and easy way to manage compliance procedures for any affordable housing program. You can learn more about the company by visiting their LinkedIn page.


Wellerz, co-founded by Abraham Stern and Danny Hoz, is a platform that connects wellness professionals and practitioners with appropriate spaces for their practices. Wellerz brings underutilized treatment rooms into utility by offering them for short-term rental. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Wellspring Practice Suites

Wellspring Practice Suites, co-founded by Andrew Collecott, is a tech-enabled real estate start-up that provides mental health and wellness professionals with resources and services to develop their Practices. They offer HIPAA compliant Practice Management Software, Teletherapy Packages, Financial Planning & Insurance, along with finding suitable suites for practitioners. Learn more about the company on LinkedIn.

Avenue One

Access to the single-family rental industry is being revolutionized by Avenue One. This start-up uses data analytics to identify undervalued properties and delivers a solid investment return through localized networks. They pride themselves on an exceptional tenant experience. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


REDIST, co-founded by Atif Qadir and Jonathan Kuo, is a platform serving the real estate industry by making the discovery and application of real estate incentives easy. Their platform covers a range of geographical locations, making it even more user-friendly. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

These real-estate start-ups are paving the way towards a more versatile, tech-driven, efficient, and user-friendly future for the real estate industry. Each one bringing forth unique strategies and bold innovations to shape the new face of real estate in New York City and across the United States.

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