Rising US Startups Revolutionizing New York’s Risk Management Industry

January 28, 2024

As we enter a new digital age focused on advanced technologies and complex data structures, industries have recognized the importance of risk management strategies to mitigate unexpected operational setbacks. While traditional risk models continue to play a critical role in the market, advancements in artificial intelligence, fintech, and data visualization have transformed the industry. The heart of this innovation lies in the vibrant city of New York, where startups established in 2020 and onwards are redefining risk management and making waves in the industry. Here are the most avant-garde risk management startups headquartered in the city that never sleeps.


An IT firm established in New York City, Lokavant offers real-time visualizations, risk alerts, artificial intelligence, and human insight services. As the digital age progresses, companies like Lokavant leverage technology to assist businesses in managing risks. Details about Lokavant can be found on their LinkedIn profile.

Pave Finance

Co-founded by Pascal Cevaer-Corey, Peter Corey, and Steve Evans, Pave Finance operates as an asset management and financial services company with risk management at its core. Providing a diverse range of services to clients, this startup focuses on managing portfolio risks and mitigating financial losses. For more information, visit Pave Finance on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Meritarc is transforming the interaction between HR and traditional and remote work environments by providing strategic advisory services. This pioneering company stands out with its ability to integrate performance management, risk management, and various other services essential to a business’s operation. To learn more, visit Meritarc on LinkedIn.


Founded by Abudi Zein, Allyson Agosta, and Bruce Alphenaar, AZA-Soyul is an asset management, financial services, and risk management venture based in New York. More details can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Sano Investment Management

Specializing in wealth and risk management, Sano Investment Management provides a broad array of services including investment advice and guidance to both individuals and businesses. They also offer services related to estate, tax, insurance, and trust management. Visit Sano Investment Management on LinkedIn to find out more.

Hickory Lane Capital Management

Founded by Joshua Pearl, Hickory Lane Capital Management is a leading equity asset manager based in New York City. They implement a multidisciplinary approach to deliver robust risk-adjusted returns on investments while implementing rigorous risk management strategies. Learn more about the company on their LinkedIn profile.


Established by founder Jose Fernandez in 2020, Bankuish is a technology platform allowing gig workers and freelancers to utilize their work history data to demonstrate creditworthiness. Bankuish helps banks gain new customers, manage risk, and strengthen customer relationships. Visit Bankuish on LinkedIn to learn more.


DoControl is an automated self-service tool provider, focusing on the monitoring and remediation of data access for SaaS applications. Founded by Adam Gavish, Liel Ran, and Omri Weinberg, DoControl’s innovation in automated solutions reduces manual work and bolsters decision-making security processes. Discover more on the company’s official LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

Joyn Insurance

Joyn Insurance, led by founder Seraina Macia, is all about making insurance a joyful experience. Working in the commercial P&C SME marketplace, Joyn Insurance uses technology and data science to revolutionize insurance services. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Cinder Technologies

Headed by founders Glen Wise and Philip Brennan, Cinder Technologies is a unified intelligence and investigation platform that offers decision-support software for fraud and risk applications. Visit their LinkedIn profile to learn more about their innovative techniques and services.

Strategy Risks

Offering unique insights by working with companies, nonprofits, and financial institutions, Strategy Risks helps quantify and manage risk exposure. Led by founder Isaac Stone Fish, this startup, founded in 2021, is reshaping how businesses perceive and manage risks. Further details can be accessed on their LinkedIn profile.

In conclusion, New York City’s dynamic landscape of risk management startups is impressive and fast-moving. These promising startups conjure solutions for businesses all over the world, helping them anticipate risks and devise strategies for resilience.

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